Monthly Round Up January 2014

I'm not going to lie this month has been a hard one. I've been broke and wishing it away for payday. However I have done lots of new things this month so its not all bad.
We found our bath plug after the cats held it hostage for 2 months, so a relaxing bath is back on the menu. I splashed out (like what I did there) on some very luxurious bath oil by Jo Malone so my baths are currently amazing. 

We have made a huge effort to stop ordering take-aways and start cooking real food. We've made homemade chilly burgers, pancakes, goats cheese tarts, and the best lunch I've ever had scrambled egg, bacon bagel.

The cats are still super cute, however they have become a lot naughtier this month. Jeffery has found a new fun place onto the kitchen cupboards not that great when you have 10ft ceilings and not a set of ladders. However I wouldn't trade our saturday morning in bed cuddles for anything. 
Last but not least I've been hooked on Hazelnut Latte's, I can't survive the 2 hour journey home with out them. I have read some semi decent books this month but unfortunately nothing I would recommend.

I hope you all survived the January blues and the hint of spring collections in my favourite stores have got me wishing for march.

lots of love Kate xo

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