Monday Happy Days O.O.T.D

Zara Skort
Vera Moda Jumper
Zara HUGE Scarf
Matalan Studded Pointed Pumps
ASOS gold choker
L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara (purchased via teso) 

So after changing my diet quite dramatically (bye bye coke-a-cola) I am slowly feeling a better. Today is my day off uni so I normally have an amazing lay in and potter around the house doing little chores. I met Jim for lunch at work just as the horrendous down pore came (sods law).
My gorgeous friend Liv started a blog on friday so you should have a little ponder over there, Liv goes to LCF and is on my course.  
Finally my ZARA HOME order turned up after 2 weeks so I can finish the 2nd part of my haul. I am really pleased with what came as ordering online you never know the sizes of things or what the quality is going to be. 
This post is very list like but I've got lots to say today. I have been thinking about what to do to my hair as the blonde has gone a little brassy a problem I've never had before. Unfortunately my 6 year long hairdresser isn't a hairdresser any more so I've had to revert back to salons. I always feel like they don't really listen to what I ask and just do something bog standard. You start to notice that everyone looks the same as they walk out the doors. I really want to try Headmasters in my local town but I've never been before, have any of you? They do 25%off for students but I know its going to be a huge amount of money compared to my £30 mates rates. I am thinking of having more of my natural colour put back in (a mousey brown/dark blonde) and just having a few blonde highlights to break it up in the mid to end section of my hair. What do you think? I've re-posted hundreds of pictures on my MY PINTEREST of what I am thinking so go over and have a look I would love some help.

Hope monday treats you well, Lots of love Kate xo



  1. very cute printed skort. Lovely look :)

  2. Thankyou for your mention of my blog kate, and i've tried headmasters...quite pricy but cheaper than anywhere else i guess. x