LCF O.O.T.D (Number 11)

Topshop - White cross over blouse
Topshop - Leigh jeans (Cut the knees myself)
Whistles- Isla Coat
Topshop - Western Boots
MissSelfridge - Stripe Scarf
Zara - City Bag

What I am reading: 'Claim Me : Book 2' by J, Kenner. 
What I am Listening to:'1975 - The 1975 album' 
What I am Drinking: Hazelnut Latte

Hello Bears. We have a few days of my Uni timetable where we have ridiculous brakes in-between lectures and seminars on this particular day we have 4 & a half hour gap. Living  further outside of London it would crazy for me to go home and come back again, luckily I have a lovely friend Paige who also lives further out so we a least we have each other to keep us entertained. It was also the lovely Paige that took these photo's for me. 
I really wanted the Topshop jeans with the slits on the Knee's then I got thinking, well these Leighs are over a year old and the knees were already faided from wearing the death out of them so why not just slit these and save yourself £34.00, I mean a genius I know right.  
I am getting a lot braver with taking my photo's in public and although I do like the in my room ones it's nice to break up the background a bit. I stayed at my lovely friend Georgia's for the night and was lovely to catch up.

Have a good day, Lots of Love Kate xo 
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