Jo Malone, Bumble and Bumle, Whistles and Zara Home Haul (Part Two)

Shopping, because what use is a credit card in your coffin?

Zara Home : Blue Door Cushion  // Astrology Cushion
Jo Malone : Pomegranate Nior Bath Oil
Bumble and Bumble : Seaweed Shampoo // Creme De Coco Conditioner
Whistles: Calf Hair Loafers (Sale not available online, in store only)

This is part two of my haul if you haven't checked out Part One Here

I know beauty experts are going to kill me for this but I didn't get matching shampoo and conditioner, I want two different treatments from my hair washing routine. I need scalp nourishment from my shampoo to help with my eczema and I need shine and frizz control from my conditioner. After being brought several bumble and bumble styling sprays and serums it felt only natural to venture into the shampoos. I will report later if they make any difference compared to my usual redken treatments. 
Jo Malone well why the hell not? There is nothing I love more after a stressful day, than having a bath. I don't think just pumping some body wash to create bubbles really relaxes me so I fancied a extremely luxurious purchase. 

These shoes however where not a planned purchase we had a return of these to work in the navy blue I tried them on about 10 times hoping they were somehow going to fit but being 4 sizes to big that was never going to happen. I met my sister in law (easier to say that rather than an family tree outline) to pick up my beauty bits and she dangerously sent me down a side road to head back to oxford circus and there happened to be a whistles calling my name... One thing led to another and I was typing my pin and sending over £45 (even the sales assistant said they were a bargain). 

Lastly these Zara home purchases took a lifetime to arrive but they were shipped from Milan so I can't complain to much. After moving in last April I sort of decorated the flat quickly and never added soft furnishings, before you know it you just get used to how things look. However our bedroom is a very cream and plain room and not that cosy so I wanted to add some colour and texture through these cushions. James doesn't get cushions he thinks if you can't lay on them and if you have to remove them before bed and put them back on in the morning, then they aren't for filling there cushion destiny. I firmly disagree...

Hope today is treating you kind, lots of love Kate xx 

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