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Today has been a rubbish day, My face isn't in these at all as I've been up since seven trying to get a GP appointment. I've been really poorly over the last couple of weeks and the reason why isn't looking to promising. However I went shopping with my mum last thursday and got some real good treats (a haul will be coming soon) and my Topshop order and My Printic order came today and I am really pleased with the outcome so I shall be ordering quite a few more.
I love this jumper and I have nothing like this (colour wise) in my wardrobe. The only problem is, is that I now have shopping guilt so I am selling a lot of things through MY EBAY so have a little look. Do you guys get this shopping guilt feeling? or is it just me...

lots of love Kate xo

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    1. Thanks for all your lovely comment Hun xx

  3. Thats such a gorgeous jumper, I love & other stories knitwear.

    Hope you're feeling better to! x


  4. haha i always get shopping guilt.. love the jumper and your nails are amazing!
    Rara from RepeatPiece