Dear Santa, Christmas Wishlist

Dear santa

This year I have had to think long and hard for what gifts I wanted for christmas. Since I began working 3 (nearly 4) years ago. Whatever i've wanted (within reason) I have been able to buy myself, so for my family it has become progressively harder to buy me presents. However most of these presents serve a purpose so I thought it would be lovely for them to buy me things I can use day-to-day.

Travelling to London most days means I have a season ticket. They gave me a free Santander oyster carrier but the plastic has split inside and its becoming hard to keep my ticket safe. I saw this little Whistles leather card holder whilst working on Sunday and thought it was a lovely idea. Lots of times when my arms are full of various sewing and drawing equipment its a nightmare trying to find my purse to whip out a ticket in rush hour. Keeping on the subject of trains if I have to hear another 'CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW' conversation at 7:20am on the train I will go crazy, I have asked James to buy me this little iPod shuffle so I can have a little piece and quite on my train journeys.

These iGloves where shown to me on menswear and I was completely amazed... Somehow they work on your iPhone so you don't have to have that crazy struggle to get you glove off with your mouth whilst trying to answer the phone. I've asked for grey as it seems to go with everything. On the subject of keeping warm, My cow print dressing gown (you would of seen it in most blogpost backgrounds) has come to a tired end and I hate how the white shows up all the grub. I have asked for this black Next one to hide my make up hands. 

Next I wouldn't be me without a bit of make-up and I have fallen in love with this Bobbi Brown eyeshadow pallet, It is a bit of a luxury gift but I am sure to receive gift vouchers for christmas so I can always put them towards it. Last things last is this watch. I don't know if I will receive this as its a rather expensive £190, however I love watches and have been wanting a real manly, (it is mens) chunky, 'in your face' watch and I do love this one.

It seems this year Christmas has come early and it has splurged into the end of November! Have you guys been thinking about your pressies yet?

Lots of Love Kate xo 

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LCF O.O.T.D - Featuring ASOS Uber High Waisted indigo jeans

Jumper - Whistles (Emmeline Boucle Jumper in Camel)
Jeans    - ASOS (Über High Waisted Jeans in Indigo)
Shoes   - Dune
Bag      - Mulberry
Lipstick Chanel (207)

I was at work on Sunday and saw that this jumper was new in. It instantly reminded me of a Teddy Bear and I had to buy it. Stupid me, I couldn't wait until I get my staff discount threw but I know how quickly Whistle's stock changes.
The cats were being super cute this morning and wanted to get in all the photo's (cue the one of them rolling around on the floor).
This week is payday and I am so excited to buy our first christmas decorations. I think I am going to go over board on the flat but hay ho ho (like what I did there) its the cats first christmas.

Lots of Love Kate xo


LCF UNI O.O.T.D featuring Missguided Trapeze T-shirt

Missguided - Alizza Trapeze T-shirt
Topshop - Leigh Black Jeans
ZARA- Studded Boots 
ASOS - Gold Necklace 
Jeffery - The Cheeky Cat

What?! Could this be two outfit posts in one week? Thankfully as I am coming to the end of my first term a lot of my morning lectures and sample room lessons are finished so I am actually leaving after the sun has risen. This means I can take pictures with natural daylight. 
I ordered this top a few weeks ago along with L-O-A-D-S of other things and I promise I will be filming a big haul video on My YOUTUBE Channel on Monday. 
Yesterday I went into uni early today so I could buy my fabric for my final piece and catch up with some of the girls. I layered on top of this my HUGE Zara scarf and my Next coat to keep myself warm. 
Also I had lots of my hair cut off so that I can start fresh and grow it nice for my wedding, However I think I quite like it this length. What do you guys think?

Whilst this post goes up I will be working my last day at House of Fraser so I hope your all having a lovely weekend!

Loads'a Love, Kate xo 



Top (Dress) - Whistles (sale)
Skirt - Topshop
Cardigan - Tesco ( I know right?!)
Lipstick - MAC (freckle tone)

Hello distant strangers. I am incredibly sorry for the rubbish blogging, but I do want to say thanks to the new followers. I have been C-R-A-Z-Y busy with my Uni deadlines but only a week and a half to go. From the 6th of December I have a whole month off, so its back to blogging central again.

I love this dress but it is one of those prints you can get bored of quickly so I've tucked it in and re-invented it as a top. I have found it a little difficult what colours to pair up with this skirt and think the top works really well. I can not believe this jumper is from Tesco (F&F) but I was doing my food shopping on tuesday night and just fell in love. The fabric is super soft and has been doing a good job of keeping me warm with our sudden temperature drop.

I hope none of you are getting too cold (our heating is broken so I'm always freezing.)

Lots of Love xo
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