Debenhams 10% Beauty Products

Hello all!!
Sorry it seems like a life time since I've blogged, but I've been moving house and converting over to a new computer over the last month or two.
Big apologies but good news! In this time I've been spending, spending, spending... so I thought id share my first buy for a while with you... and its all thanks to DEBENHAMS 10% OFF BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Product One:

Although my skin is a fair few shades lighter than NC30, I often fake tan my face and body. Although sometimes when my skin is good, and i've faked tanned I do not need to put on foundation, but for the majority of the time I do, so i was sick of putting back on a pale face. I would defiantly recommend having a variation in foundation shades because your skin colour changes slightly all the time, from sun-light and different tanning products.
I have been using this MAC foundation for a fair few months but wanted to get a true feeling for what it was like before I blogged.
I would give this foundation 9/10 Because it covers everything, but doesn't become too thick or create the 'plastered on'  effect once applied. It lasts throughout the day, Come rain or shine.
My only downside is; because its a thicker foundation it clogs up your pours creating breakouts ,but this is only if you don't take it off at night or wear it excessively every single day.

Product Two:

What a fantastic product!!
I won't ramble to much about this eye-shadow collection as I know a lot of you have it, and information about it is all over Youtube.
I would rate this 9/10, as I feel it is really good value for money and you get a really good range of natural colours. My only negative comment is the shadows are quite powdery so they seem to spill all over the pallet ruining the loverly packaging!

Product Three:

Shade: Lingering 

A truly fabulous Brow Pencil, it is a twist top design so you can add as little or as much as your want. The sharp edged product allows you to create strong angled brows, or add A Natural hair lined creation. I have experimented with several Brow kits, such as Benefit and HD brows, but i feel this is the best by far! 


My this months must haves!

Black Mulberry Purse

River Island 
Black Striped Super Skinny Jeans
Vivienne Westwood
Ribbon Heart Earrings


Russian Winter

So the month is almost up and my pay check has arrived so what to spend it on...
So far I have bought a Topshop Russia Fur Hat... and it was worth all of the 2200 pennies! I have already worn it for a hat party, with a white dress and black wedges!
Wonderful hat and fur is back in fashion so highly recommend!
Lots of love xxx


DIY Studded Shorts...

DIY Studded shorts! Yes my loverly's it's that easy even I could do it... My denim shorts are from Topshop but you can buy some or cut up some old jeans, whatever you fancy.

For this you will need.....
  • Denim shorts or any thick fabric, the studs will be to heavy for silks and the spikes that hold in the studs will perhaps rip the silk instead of puncturing it.
  • Metal Studs with teeth ( Any colour you wish, i personally chose gold).
  • Flat head screwdriver ( small)
As the picture of the studs show they have teeth at the back of these help them grip onto the fabric and puncture through fabric.

Mark where you want the studs to go with dots, I recommend using a tailors chalk, (this will rub off if you decide you do not want the stud there)
Press the stud in with the teeth side down and push onto it, it will pierce threw the fabric and you should see the teeth on the other side.

Push use a small flat head screwdriver and push down onto the teeth until they are flat, these all will grip onto the fabric keeping the stud in place. 

These three steps are all you need to do! Watch your fingers as the teeth are sharp and could cut you. Good luck!!


Night on the Town

I have Placed a Tutu Dress, With a Black Blazer and Feather Earrings Together for a night time look.

  • Black Blazer - ( Price Unknown) Make: Burberry - This is a classic black blazer with a black lining and small Burberry logo's on each arm and the classic Burberry cris-cross pattern along the sewing joins.
  • Black Feather Earrings - Topshop £10.
  • Tutu Dress- H&M £29.99 - Amazing dress, the Tutu netting is shear so i recommend a petticoat or black tights underneath. It is a light pink colour that compliments most skin tones. 
  • Black and Gold Belt - Ted Baker £25 - Beautiful belt that adds a bit of 'bling' to and outfit. 
  • Lipstick - Mac; Colour - Fanfare. Price-£17.


French Connection Sale Clothes & Bag

Gotta love high-street fashion! but the best thing about our famous FCUK is its sometimes over priced goods, making not everything they sell a factory every single person look! and whats even better than that! French Connection sales which means students like me can afford some of their rarer items! I really think that you pay for the quality and i love my new buys!!