O.O.T.D - Slighly Wizard Looking... H&M

Kimono - H&M // White Top - Monki // Uber high waisted Jeans - ASOS // Shoes - River Island // Bone Bracelet - Rings and Tings** // Arrow Rings - Rings and Tings** // Plain gold chain - Rings and Tings** // Two Silver Rings - Pandora.

Hello All, (insert apology for being rubbish blogger here). I have been a busy bee again as I move house tomorrow, to a little home with my brother and I.
I love this little kimono / wizard cape. I feel like someone from Lord of The Rings slash a crazy art student. Picked this up when I did my crazy shopping trip and I've only worn it for the first time this week. I got a new tattoo last week also what I love now that is all healed and not scabby.  I am back at Uni now so hopefully i'll be a better blogger! I am keeping this short as my head is about to explode with stress, I am trying to sort a million and one things at once. Hopefully once I move tomorrow and settle in I'll be able to relax a little.

Lots of Love Kate xo


O.O.T.D - Whistles and Jeans

Leather Jacket - Whistles // Mulberry - Small Bag // Topshop - Leigh Jeans (self ripped) // 
Whistles -Willa Cropped Stitch Knit 

Todays song: Bombay Bicycle Club - Eyes off You 

Once again slow on the blogging front, but now without Jim I don't often have someone to take my photo's for me (sob,sob). I picked up this Whistles Jumper in the sale last week with my lovely lucy-loo. It was down from £135 to £70 and with staff discount etc came to a rather reasonable price. I am over doing this ripped jeans thing but I just love it. It takes a quite mumsy outfit to a little bit rougher. Also the bags seen better days but it was my mums first mulberry and I can't bare to part with it.
I've been a busy bee these last weeks making the most of my time off from uni. My poor liver will be happy when I have work to do again so it doesn't keep getting hits from the cocktails. 

Hope your all well! 

Lots of Love Kate xo 


O.O.T.D - Stripes and Moms

Jeans - Topshop MOM // T-shirt- Brandy Melville 

Back to basics today. I met my lovely Lucy-Loo for lunch as I haven't seen her in about a month. I've handed in all my uni work for this term now, so It's a bit of a do nothing week.
However I did do the hugest shopping trip with Georgia yesterday and spent a hefty amounts. These bits of clothing where included in the shopping spree.
Some time over the next few weeks your see bits and bobs that I purchased.

Hope your well,

Love Kate xo


O.O.T.D - Zara and round

Top- Zara // Jeans - Topshop Joni // Sunglasses - Rayban // Shoes - ASOS

This is post is in-between me finishing my essay and getting ready to go out to camden for the night. These last weeks have been my term deadline so I've been terrible with blogging! I was up till the early hours of the morning to finish the essay first draft (its due monday and I am working all day tomorrow boo hoo) Sorry its ever so rushed! Spent the day wondering around the river and having a nose in the Tate Modern.  It have then ended up finishing the day in Whistles for a touch of shopping (naught me!)

Hope you had a great week

Lots of Love Kate xo


O.O.T.D - Tears and Changes

Claw Bracelet **//Wrap Ring**//Nugget Ring**// Whistles Leather Jacket// Monki White T-shirt// Topshop Leigh Jeans (diy) // Ladybug Asos Shoes

Well I am sorry my blog sort of came to a halt. Life has taken a complete 180 and every bit of normality is out of the window. I am currently living in London with some amazing friends whilst I sort out my life. Uni deadline is approaching rapidly so I've been a real busy bee. I've also discovered a social life to try and cheer myself up so unfortunately blogging has taken a step back.
I am back to my full jewellery glory thats how I know I'm feeling better.
However the weather was so nice today that I had to take some pictures. This is about as summery as I am willing to get for March. I got up at 7:30am this morning to go for a run around Clapham Common it was so lovely to be running in the sun with hardly anyone around. I ended up un-doing all the good of my run and having lunch in Bodeans pulled pork sandwich (num,num,num). Tonight is a film night I want to watch one day and chat with the girls.

Hope your all well,

Lots of Love Kate xox 


Paris 2014

I didn't get that many pictures in Paris, we were to busy wondering around, drinking coffee and cocktails for me to keep getting out my camera. Also sometimes I think its so nice to look with your eyes rather than through a camera lens. It was an amazing time with amazing people and I even got to have my dose of macaroons.

Hope you had a lovely week,

Love Kate xo


Dinner O.O.T.N - Casual food baby...

Whistles - Patti Textured leather jacket // Zara Pointed Pumps // Whistles - Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans // Topshop - A line dress (worn as a top)

I actually ended up wearing my Whistles Isla coat as the weather turned for the worse...
Sorry for the dark pictures they were taken just as the sun was disappearing on saturday. I went out to an amazing Turkish restaurant in Amersham for my Aunty's, Jim's and Brother's birthday. The food portions were huge and I had the biggest food baby known to man. We ended up having far to much red wine and laughing about my family when they were younger. I am currently away in Paris but wanted to give you guys a post so my blog didn't look abandoned for the week.

Lots of Love Kate xo


Kate's Off To Paris...

Handbag Essentials...

Premier Vision Outfit...

Skin Care Essentials...

So I am off to Paris tomorrow with my university (perks of being at LCF) we are going in aid of premier vision, but I think were all treating it as a shopping, drinking, sipping coffee and eating macaroons kind of trip. I thought I would share what I am taking. I will be doing outfit posts and Vlogging my trip so be sure to check out my MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL in a few days. We are leaving crazy early tomorrow morning so hopefully I wake up on time.

Have a lovely week,

Lots of Love Kate xo