O.O.T.D - Tears and Changes

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Well I am sorry my blog sort of came to a halt. Life has taken a complete 180 and every bit of normality is out of the window. I am currently living in London with some amazing friends whilst I sort out my life. Uni deadline is approaching rapidly so I've been a real busy bee. I've also discovered a social life to try and cheer myself up so unfortunately blogging has taken a step back.
I am back to my full jewellery glory thats how I know I'm feeling better.
However the weather was so nice today that I had to take some pictures. This is about as summery as I am willing to get for March. I got up at 7:30am this morning to go for a run around Clapham Common it was so lovely to be running in the sun with hardly anyone around. I ended up un-doing all the good of my run and having lunch in Bodeans pulled pork sandwich (num,num,num). Tonight is a film night I want to watch one day and chat with the girls.

Hope your all well,

Lots of Love Kate xox