Monthly Round Up January 2014

I'm not going to lie this month has been a hard one. I've been broke and wishing it away for payday. However I have done lots of new things this month so its not all bad.
We found our bath plug after the cats held it hostage for 2 months, so a relaxing bath is back on the menu. I splashed out (like what I did there) on some very luxurious bath oil by Jo Malone so my baths are currently amazing. 

We have made a huge effort to stop ordering take-aways and start cooking real food. We've made homemade chilly burgers, pancakes, goats cheese tarts, and the best lunch I've ever had scrambled egg, bacon bagel.

The cats are still super cute, however they have become a lot naughtier this month. Jeffery has found a new fun place onto the kitchen cupboards not that great when you have 10ft ceilings and not a set of ladders. However I wouldn't trade our saturday morning in bed cuddles for anything. 
Last but not least I've been hooked on Hazelnut Latte's, I can't survive the 2 hour journey home with out them. I have read some semi decent books this month but unfortunately nothing I would recommend.

I hope you all survived the January blues and the hint of spring collections in my favourite stores have got me wishing for march.

lots of love Kate xo


My Guide to the Ultimate Relaxing Bath...

Jo Malone Bath Oil Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil
Laura Mercier - Creme Brulee Sugar Scrub

Since finding my bath plug after several month of my cats hiding it away, I have really got back into baths. Don't get me wrong having a shower is a lot quicker and I much prefer it in the mornings. However with the horridly cold and wet weather we've been having here in the U.K and stressful days at work, A bath has been my saviour. 
I start by lighting a few relaxing candles (I've been burning my Diptyque Figuier candle) running a very hot tap and adding a little of my Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil, it bubbles a little but not so much you end up feeling like a froth ball. The smell instantly relaxes you and the water feels soothing. Once a week I like to do a good old body scrub and the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Sugar Scrub is nice and gritty and gives off such a sweet pudding like scent. 
Since using the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo and Creme de Coco Conditioner my eczema has really calmed down and my hair has its natural shine back. I also find the conditioner doesn't make my hair feel heavy or full of product. I really hate that will nourishing conditioners when your hair still feels greasy even though you've just washed it. I leave the conditioner on right until the end and just wash it off with the shower head. It gives the product enough time to really soak in and do some repairs. 
I like to end my bath with a good lather of the Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod body wash. It's a real spicy and exotic smell. I like to round it all off with the matching body cream and I feel like all my problems are literally washed away. 

Have you tried any of these products? Which do you prefer a shower or a bath? 


LCF O.O.T.D (12) Striped and flowered

Topshop - Leigh Jeans with slit knees
Zara - Striped T-shirt
Whistles - Calf Hair Loafers
Asos- Wishbone Necklace

As you can imagine I did wear my trusty Whistles coat today but I guessed you guys must be sick of seeing it. Jim was home early from work today so I got him to quickly to take some snaps before we lost the sunlight. He is trying to get me to be more creative with my poses cue the staring into mid air looks. Tuesdays are a nice short day for me as I'm only in London from 9 to half 10am. This top is so old but I just keep on bringing it back out when I'm stuck on what to wear.
Have a lovely day.

Lots of Love Kate xo


Moments Before with ASOS wrap skirt

Knitwear - Zara
Skirt - ASOS
Wishbone necklace - ASOS
Feather necklace - ASOS
Watch - Fossil
Calf Hair Loafers - Whistles

These pictures were taken just before we popped out for a late lunch. Within minutes, a massive (but rather short) storm hit and the balcony furniture went everywhere. Crazy how the weather can change in just a few moments. We have spent today watching Despicable Me 2 on our new telly. Jim ordered one that was a lot bigger than I expect with bloody 3D. I can't quite imagine myself sitting on the sofa with the glasses on but it keeps him happy.
I ordered this skirt and these necklaces from ASOS a few days ago as they sent me a 20% off code for my two anniversary with them. I love the wrap style and the small panel of pu. James was around today so I could go back to the old balcony photo's it's great being about to just pop out the door and take a few snaps, I think the fabric and garment colours are so much truer in natural day light. I love the longer chain on this wishbone necklace it keeps the pendant delicate.
Anyway, I'm off to see my Nanny tonight she's 93 and going strong and I am sure she wants to hear all about my London life and how busy the tubes get. James is off out with his friends tonight so I am sure to get a 3am phone call asking me to pick him up from some obscure station. It's his favourite thing to either a) fall asleep on the train b) get on the wrong train or c) miss the train completely.

Lots of Love, Kate xo


LCF O.O.T.D (Number 11)

Topshop - White cross over blouse
Topshop - Leigh jeans (Cut the knees myself)
Whistles- Isla Coat
Topshop - Western Boots
MissSelfridge - Stripe Scarf
Zara - City Bag

What I am reading: 'Claim Me : Book 2' by J, Kenner. 
What I am Listening to:'1975 - The 1975 album' 
What I am Drinking: Hazelnut Latte

Hello Bears. We have a few days of my Uni timetable where we have ridiculous brakes in-between lectures and seminars on this particular day we have 4 & a half hour gap. Living  further outside of London it would crazy for me to go home and come back again, luckily I have a lovely friend Paige who also lives further out so we a least we have each other to keep us entertained. It was also the lovely Paige that took these photo's for me. 
I really wanted the Topshop jeans with the slits on the Knee's then I got thinking, well these Leighs are over a year old and the knees were already faided from wearing the death out of them so why not just slit these and save yourself £34.00, I mean a genius I know right.  
I am getting a lot braver with taking my photo's in public and although I do like the in my room ones it's nice to break up the background a bit. I stayed at my lovely friend Georgia's for the night and was lovely to catch up.

Have a good day, Lots of Love Kate xo 
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Monday - Dress up like Indiana Jones' GF

Hat : Topshop
Joni Jeans: Topshop
Top: Whistles Dress Tucked in
Scarf : MissSelfridge
Heels : Zara

These pictures were taken on Saturday, we were just having a casual day and I went over to my mums house and out for a Curry with our mutual friends.
I have been so unsure about this hat and kept uming and arring (not even real words sorry) if I should return it or not. After trying it on hundreds of times I've decided to keep it, I just need to come to the fact that I look like I belong in an Indiana Jones film when I wear it. I love these shoes and brought them for my mums wedding last January. Me being so small forgot I had them because I could never see them on the shelve in my wardrobe. They are a little pinchy but you get used it very quickly.
I hope monday isn't treating you to bad.

Lots of Love Kate xo

p.s hello new followers  xo


LCF O.O.T.D with Motel Rocks Dress

Dress - Motel Rocks
Scarf - Vivienne Westwood
Coat - Whistles
Bag - Zara City Bag
Lips - MAC Rebel 

These pictures were taken on Wednesday thanks so my lovely friend Liv.
I need to learn what to do with my face in photographs I always feel so awkward about my mouth I think this stems from when I had terrible teeth and braces. I think its one of those things you have to practice in the mirror until you know one that isn't going to look horrific. 
Uni is going well this term, It is very business and computer based rather than sketching and making garments. I am quite enjoying playing on illustrator and photoshop as I think that digital marketing is the career path I want to go down, but only time will tell. I met up with my lovely friend Lucy from work on wednesday afternoon and had a lovely time as always. You know when you just click with a friend and you can be as weird as you want and know there even weirder... god knows how people put up with us a work. 

I have sort of accidentally fallen into a posting schedule what I am super happy about, I am really enjoying blogging again what feels great to share what I am doing with you guys.

Lots of Love Kate xo 
As I am wearing Motel Rocks I have reminded myself, you can use my code KATEEB and get 20% off at the checkout. 


LCF O.O.T.D - Terrible Tuesday

(can you see Arthur's arm shoving Jeffry?)

& Other Stories Cable Knit
Topshop Leather Trousers
Nike Blazers
Miss Selfridge Scarf
RayBan Club Masters

Yesterday was a nightmare I was up at 6:10am and the trains were buggered due to a signal problem at Waterloo. I hate being late for things and it gets me all anxious. After sending an email to my lecturer and getting my friends to tell him I was going to be late, running across Oxford Circus like a mad women... Everyone else was running late so I started right on time. Nothing like a bit of late trains to get you flustered.

They day perked up after a bit of light shopping (mentioned in Yesterdays Post ) I cheered right up. I was back earlier than expected so met James for lunch I did end up getting stuck in his car park and he had to come rescue me but its all part of the fun.

I just went for a comfortable and relaxed look yesterday and I am still loving my nike blazers. My make up is pretty minimal as it was a way up to longer in bed or a full face.

Have a nice day, Lots of Love Kate xo


Jo Malone, Bumble and Bumle, Whistles and Zara Home Haul (Part Two)

Shopping, because what use is a credit card in your coffin?

Zara Home : Blue Door Cushion  // Astrology Cushion
Jo Malone : Pomegranate Nior Bath Oil
Bumble and Bumble : Seaweed Shampoo // Creme De Coco Conditioner
Whistles: Calf Hair Loafers (Sale not available online, in store only)

This is part two of my haul if you haven't checked out Part One Here

I know beauty experts are going to kill me for this but I didn't get matching shampoo and conditioner, I want two different treatments from my hair washing routine. I need scalp nourishment from my shampoo to help with my eczema and I need shine and frizz control from my conditioner. After being brought several bumble and bumble styling sprays and serums it felt only natural to venture into the shampoos. I will report later if they make any difference compared to my usual redken treatments. 
Jo Malone well why the hell not? There is nothing I love more after a stressful day, than having a bath. I don't think just pumping some body wash to create bubbles really relaxes me so I fancied a extremely luxurious purchase. 

These shoes however where not a planned purchase we had a return of these to work in the navy blue I tried them on about 10 times hoping they were somehow going to fit but being 4 sizes to big that was never going to happen. I met my sister in law (easier to say that rather than an family tree outline) to pick up my beauty bits and she dangerously sent me down a side road to head back to oxford circus and there happened to be a whistles calling my name... One thing led to another and I was typing my pin and sending over £45 (even the sales assistant said they were a bargain). 

Lastly these Zara home purchases took a lifetime to arrive but they were shipped from Milan so I can't complain to much. After moving in last April I sort of decorated the flat quickly and never added soft furnishings, before you know it you just get used to how things look. However our bedroom is a very cream and plain room and not that cosy so I wanted to add some colour and texture through these cushions. James doesn't get cushions he thinks if you can't lay on them and if you have to remove them before bed and put them back on in the morning, then they aren't for filling there cushion destiny. I firmly disagree...

Hope today is treating you kind, lots of love Kate xx 


Monday Happy Days O.O.T.D

Zara Skort
Vera Moda Jumper
Zara HUGE Scarf
Matalan Studded Pointed Pumps
ASOS gold choker
L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara (purchased via teso) 

So after changing my diet quite dramatically (bye bye coke-a-cola) I am slowly feeling a better. Today is my day off uni so I normally have an amazing lay in and potter around the house doing little chores. I met Jim for lunch at work just as the horrendous down pore came (sods law).
My gorgeous friend Liv started a blog on friday so you should have a little ponder over there, Liv goes to LCF and is on my course.  
Finally my ZARA HOME order turned up after 2 weeks so I can finish the 2nd part of my haul. I am really pleased with what came as ordering online you never know the sizes of things or what the quality is going to be. 
This post is very list like but I've got lots to say today. I have been thinking about what to do to my hair as the blonde has gone a little brassy a problem I've never had before. Unfortunately my 6 year long hairdresser isn't a hairdresser any more so I've had to revert back to salons. I always feel like they don't really listen to what I ask and just do something bog standard. You start to notice that everyone looks the same as they walk out the doors. I really want to try Headmasters in my local town but I've never been before, have any of you? They do 25%off for students but I know its going to be a huge amount of money compared to my £30 mates rates. I am thinking of having more of my natural colour put back in (a mousey brown/dark blonde) and just having a few blonde highlights to break it up in the mid to end section of my hair. What do you think? I've re-posted hundreds of pictures on my MY PINTEREST of what I am thinking so go over and have a look I would love some help.

Hope monday treats you well, Lots of love Kate xo