LCF O.O.T.D (12) Striped and flowered

Topshop - Leigh Jeans with slit knees
Zara - Striped T-shirt
Whistles - Calf Hair Loafers
Asos- Wishbone Necklace

As you can imagine I did wear my trusty Whistles coat today but I guessed you guys must be sick of seeing it. Jim was home early from work today so I got him to quickly to take some snaps before we lost the sunlight. He is trying to get me to be more creative with my poses cue the staring into mid air looks. Tuesdays are a nice short day for me as I'm only in London from 9 to half 10am. This top is so old but I just keep on bringing it back out when I'm stuck on what to wear.
Have a lovely day.

Lots of Love Kate xo

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  1. Absolutely love the red lips with the stripe top, very parisian chic!
    rabia from RepeatPiece