Paris 2014

I didn't get that many pictures in Paris, we were to busy wondering around, drinking coffee and cocktails for me to keep getting out my camera. Also sometimes I think its so nice to look with your eyes rather than through a camera lens. It was an amazing time with amazing people and I even got to have my dose of macaroons.

Hope you had a lovely week,

Love Kate xo


Dinner O.O.T.N - Casual food baby...

Whistles - Patti Textured leather jacket // Zara Pointed Pumps // Whistles - Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans // Topshop - A line dress (worn as a top)

I actually ended up wearing my Whistles Isla coat as the weather turned for the worse...
Sorry for the dark pictures they were taken just as the sun was disappearing on saturday. I went out to an amazing Turkish restaurant in Amersham for my Aunty's, Jim's and Brother's birthday. The food portions were huge and I had the biggest food baby known to man. We ended up having far to much red wine and laughing about my family when they were younger. I am currently away in Paris but wanted to give you guys a post so my blog didn't look abandoned for the week.

Lots of Love Kate xo


Kate's Off To Paris...

Handbag Essentials...

Premier Vision Outfit...

Skin Care Essentials...

So I am off to Paris tomorrow with my university (perks of being at LCF) we are going in aid of premier vision, but I think were all treating it as a shopping, drinking, sipping coffee and eating macaroons kind of trip. I thought I would share what I am taking. I will be doing outfit posts and Vlogging my trip so be sure to check out my MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL in a few days. We are leaving crazy early tomorrow morning so hopefully I wake up on time.

Have a lovely week,

Lots of Love Kate xo



Me being me, forgot to do the January Favourites so I thought I would do a current fav's instead. I really like seeing these video's, so I hope you guys do to. This is just another of my weekly video's laughing at myself and talking away to the camera. 

Products Featured: 
TOM FORD BLUSHER in Frantic Pink // NARS Eyeliner Stylo //WHISTLES Card Holder  // WHISTLES Isla Navy Wool & Leather Coat // Nike Blazers // BOOK 1- The Fault in Our Starts // BOOK 2- Beautiful Creatures

Enjoy! Lots of Love Kate xo


LCF O.O.T.D (15) - Layer upon Layer

Whistles Patti Textured Leather Jacket // Whistles Spot Print Blouse // Whistles Emmeline Boucle Jumper // Topshop Black Wash Joni Jeans.

I have been so inspired by Pinterest pictures on layering and mixing up textures. Today I decided to experiment a little with mixing leather, wool, denim and silk. I had to unfortunately picture inside today and the weather has been horrendous. I had some uni meeting at oxford circus and got absolutely drenched. I wore my new Topshop Boots (featured here) with the cut outs and my socks were soaking up the puddles (sob sob). However what began a very frustrating day of me waking up at 6 getting to uni for 9 and my tutor not showing up, ended with me getting loads of work done and attending meetings I didn't even know where scheduled. It was my Lovely fiancé Jim's birthday yesterday so we ate loads of treats and cooked up some Nando's Chicken. I am crazy busy at the moment but still finding time to blog thankfully.

If your into layering different items, link me in Pinterest I need some idea's I can base my own wardrobe on.

Lots of Love Kate xo
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Valentines Outfit // Night Out Outfit: featuring ASOS Jumpsuit

ASOS JUMPSUIT (its on sale as well result) // Zara Heels // Whistles Jacket // Asos Necklace // Whistles and Pandora Ring // Lipstick Revlon Colour Stay

Whether your single and going for a girls night on valentines or your going out with your other half. It's always lovely to take advantage of the atmosphere of valentines day.
I wore this jumpsuit on New Years Eve and I just felt so lovely in it. I know it will be perfect for valentines day. I love that you can see my tattoo at the back as a lot of the time its hidden away.
Jim and myself never go out as I hate it when places are so busy you can't even hear each other speaking. We always cook a posh dinner for one another and buy a DVD, but its so nice to still dress up otherwise it doesn't feel like a special night.

Let me know what your thinking.

Lots of Love Kate xox



Square Spot Blouse - Whistles // Slim fit boyfriend jeans - Whistles // Boots - Topshop (Sale)

This is my work uniform but I love the casual look so much I've ended up wearing it all the time. Tuesday is such a quick day for me at Uni so I just wanted to put on something easier that I know works well.
I actually stuck to my guns and brought work uniform that I actually like out side of work. I have gotten sick of spending money on clothing I end up regretting. Not this time babies I'm one happy bunny.

Do you guys actually like your uniform, would you wear it on your days off?

Lots of Love Kate xo


LCF O.O.T.D 13 - Spots n Tears

Lipstick - Revlon colour stay // Jeans - Topshop Leighs // Polka Dot Blouse - Rose Gal ** // Boots - Topshop

Shock horror I am smiling in a photograph. The only way to get me to smile in photographs is if its a real one. My fake smile is hideous so I you have to catch me off guard with a funny comment otherwise it is the usual pout.
Moving onwards... I've been staying at my mums a lot recently to make my Uni journey easier. She lives in the middle of nowhere but its quicker to get her train line than it is my own, so to her dismay she has become my photographer.
Onto the Outfit : I was kindly gifted this blouse from RoseGal.com and I think it looks so cute, they sell a lot of vintage clothing and jewellery so go check them out. This is a real smart/casual outfit that I have kept pretty simple due to the polka dots. I am so glad I slit the knees on these jeans it's given a better divide between my Joni's and Leigh's rather than me grabbing whatever I see first.
I don't know if its good news or bad news but my hair is growing at a rapid rate so please excuse my roots. I have finally decided what to do with my hair so I won't have to worry about routes anymore.

Lots of Love Kate xo


The Weekend Post (Four)

First of all I finished the most sadist, yet loveliest book this weekend 'The Fault in Our Stars' I have never cried so much at a book, worst thing is that I was crying on the train home from London on a rush hour packed train. I won't say anymore but if you like a good read then check it out.
Oh yes, this weekend I have been very naughty. Friday night we went to TGI Fridays to celebrate and early birthday for Jim with our immediate family. We stayed at my mums house afterwards with the plan of going to leeds castle on saturday. Unfortunately due to the horrible weather where having in the U.K we ended up taking a trip to Bluewater (massive shopping centre in kent) I happened to have a little look in Whistles for some jogging bottoms. Next thing next I was trying on this amazing Leather Patti Jacket in a size 6 before I knew it James was saying yes, I was handing the Staff discount and Student Over draft card over and I was walking out of the shop with it. To justify this I have wanted this leather jacket since before I started working for whistles, so I've been  lusting over it for about 5 months.  We ate lunch at Wasabi and brought some Lola's Cupcakes for after dinner. Its been a very indulgent weekend. I am working today as usual but I will be relaxing tonight in my new bunny slips.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, Lots Of Love Kate xo


Whistles, Topshop & Urban Outfitters Haul (Video)

First of all if your looking at this through the bloglovin' app the video doesn't come up so if you would like to see the video, my Youtube is: katherineballs94 

Square Spot Blouse - Whistles
Alice Slim Boyfriend Jeans- whistles
Bitches Photo Frame- Urban Outfitters
Nutella Recipe Book - Urban Outfitters

Anyhoo I've been very naughty and have been spending again. However this must be if for this month otherwise I am going to be in big trouble. However with paris approaching in two weeks I highly doubt I will able to resist a cheeky trip to Sephora. I thought this time I would do the haul in a video instead of just a blog post.

Lots of Love Kate xo


The Weekend Post (Three)

This weekend was one in a million for me I am a terrible student and rarely go out with my gal pals. I ended up going out for my lovely friend Georgia's 20th Birthday. After several Mojito's and Pomegranate Vodka pitchers we ventured out to the Piccadilly Institue on route we most of annoyed everyone single person on public transport but thats what you get with a big group of girls. My shoes hurt me so much poor Georgia's boyfriend had to be my helping hand on route to the McDonalds after party. 
Saturday I was feeling rather sorry for myself so I ventured into Guildford to pick up my work uniform (picture above). My plan was to go out Saturday night but my body couldn't take it so I settled for a Chinese take-away and The Senna Movie. 
I worked all day today and have just finished off the last of the Chinese. Now for pancakes and bed I think.
Its also my brothers birthday today so I've added in his band video to be nice. The music starts at 00:50 he's really good so listen!

Lots of love have a great week, Kate xo