O.O.T.D - Slighly Wizard Looking... H&M

Kimono - H&M // White Top - Monki // Uber high waisted Jeans - ASOS // Shoes - River Island // Bone Bracelet - Rings and Tings** // Arrow Rings - Rings and Tings** // Plain gold chain - Rings and Tings** // Two Silver Rings - Pandora.

Hello All, (insert apology for being rubbish blogger here). I have been a busy bee again as I move house tomorrow, to a little home with my brother and I.
I love this little kimono / wizard cape. I feel like someone from Lord of The Rings slash a crazy art student. Picked this up when I did my crazy shopping trip and I've only worn it for the first time this week. I got a new tattoo last week also what I love now that is all healed and not scabby.  I am back at Uni now so hopefully i'll be a better blogger! I am keeping this short as my head is about to explode with stress, I am trying to sort a million and one things at once. Hopefully once I move tomorrow and settle in I'll be able to relax a little.

Lots of Love Kate xo


O.O.T.D - Whistles and Jeans

Leather Jacket - Whistles // Mulberry - Small Bag // Topshop - Leigh Jeans (self ripped) // 
Whistles -Willa Cropped Stitch Knit 

Todays song: Bombay Bicycle Club - Eyes off You 

Once again slow on the blogging front, but now without Jim I don't often have someone to take my photo's for me (sob,sob). I picked up this Whistles Jumper in the sale last week with my lovely lucy-loo. It was down from £135 to £70 and with staff discount etc came to a rather reasonable price. I am over doing this ripped jeans thing but I just love it. It takes a quite mumsy outfit to a little bit rougher. Also the bags seen better days but it was my mums first mulberry and I can't bare to part with it.
I've been a busy bee these last weeks making the most of my time off from uni. My poor liver will be happy when I have work to do again so it doesn't keep getting hits from the cocktails. 

Hope your all well! 

Lots of Love Kate xo