Debenhams 10% Beauty Products

Hello all!!
Sorry it seems like a life time since I've blogged, but I've been moving house and converting over to a new computer over the last month or two.
Big apologies but good news! In this time I've been spending, spending, spending... so I thought id share my first buy for a while with you... and its all thanks to DEBENHAMS 10% OFF BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Product One:

Although my skin is a fair few shades lighter than NC30, I often fake tan my face and body. Although sometimes when my skin is good, and i've faked tanned I do not need to put on foundation, but for the majority of the time I do, so i was sick of putting back on a pale face. I would defiantly recommend having a variation in foundation shades because your skin colour changes slightly all the time, from sun-light and different tanning products.
I have been using this MAC foundation for a fair few months but wanted to get a true feeling for what it was like before I blogged.
I would give this foundation 9/10 Because it covers everything, but doesn't become too thick or create the 'plastered on'  effect once applied. It lasts throughout the day, Come rain or shine.
My only downside is; because its a thicker foundation it clogs up your pours creating breakouts ,but this is only if you don't take it off at night or wear it excessively every single day.

Product Two:

What a fantastic product!!
I won't ramble to much about this eye-shadow collection as I know a lot of you have it, and information about it is all over Youtube.
I would rate this 9/10, as I feel it is really good value for money and you get a really good range of natural colours. My only negative comment is the shadows are quite powdery so they seem to spill all over the pallet ruining the loverly packaging!

Product Three:

Shade: Lingering 

A truly fabulous Brow Pencil, it is a twist top design so you can add as little or as much as your want. The sharp edged product allows you to create strong angled brows, or add A Natural hair lined creation. I have experimented with several Brow kits, such as Benefit and HD brows, but i feel this is the best by far!