NARS Immaculate Complexion CONCEALER IN LIGHT1 CHANTILLY - £18 (via ASOS)

With contouring like Kim Kardashian being so hot right now, I thought it was time to invest into a good extremely light concealer. With ASOS student discount 48 hours offer I jumped at the opportunity to spoil myself. This is the first NARS product i've purchased and goodness knows why I waited so long.

Like i've said many times before, packaging is such a big influence on what products I go for. It's like a first impression if you meet someone for the first time their outfit screams what their inner personality is, so shorley make-up brands do the same. The sleek matte black packaging with the branding name in white shows to me simplicity is key with this brand they allow the products to do the talking and the packaging simply assists and allows the product to shine.

Onto the Concealer. This product has the perfect consistency of creamy and stiff. Its stiff enough to stay where you want it whilst still allowing you to blend away any harsh lines. Although I'm already a very pale person I would say Chantilly was 3 shades lighter than my true skin tone. This is why I think the product works so well it brightens up my eyes and cheekbones allowing the darker contour to work its sculpting magic. A key thing about this product is how well it sits on top of foundation. 

The foundation I use is Chanel vitalumiere and its quite a greasy product, so I've found products like the Benefit Booing concealer slides around a lot. However the formula of the Nars seems to stay in place especially after applying my Clarins Mineral Powder it sits perfectly where I apply it.  

I've become obsessed with finding products to allow me to create the flawless skin finish whats so in fashion at the moment. What do you think of this trend? Have you tried this NARS product? If so I'd love to hear your opinions.

Lots of love x


  1. I have been looking for a new concealer and was going to try the bobbi brown one but reading this I think I will get this! Just got their foundation recently and really like it, roll on flawless skin! xo


    1. It really is good! Would love to hear how the foundation is, so please let me know! X

    2. You should try it out Miss Ellie! :)
      ~Pauline @ Nars Philippines

  2. Would really like to try this and thank you for reminding me of the asos student discount!