My Go To Nail Polishes

From Left: Dior Grege 413// Nails Inc Warwick Avenue 320// Nails Inc Chelsea Square 062// Nails Inc Victoria 072

These Four nail polishes are my absolute favourite.  Some shades are relatively new to me and others I have had for years. These range for a naive nude to a very sexy deep plumb, with a touch of snazziness for when i'm feeling particularly adventurous. Although I love having nail art fun, sometimes it's important to keep a block coloured nail for some classic sophistication. 

If you read my blog, you know that I majority of my nail polish collection is made up of Nails Inc colours apart from an odd Chanel rouge and this Dior nude. I really like the pigmentation and the last of the Nails Inc brand, and I think its important to have a chip free and well looked after nail rather than a chewed off half a nail painted hand. Hands say a lot about a person and I feel with my piano length fingers I try to keep them as pretty as possible. 

On to the Polishes...

1#DIOR GREGE - £18
First things first, yes it is important for the last on a nail and the pigmentation but the brush its applied with ultimately decides how well and even the polish is going to go on. The brush is a nice thickness and the top is easy to hold. This allows the polish to go on quite thick meaning you only need two coats max. It is also easy to cover your whole nail so you don't end up with naked sides. 

Unlike the Dior polish the Nails Inc application brushes are much thinner. With a shade like this you need about 3 coats to create a block colour. The good thing is you can apply just one coat if you want a french manicure style nail or three for a full bubble gum pink polish. I think this colour looks lovely with an all black outfit and silver rings. It makes your hands look so feminine.

This glitter polish is for when I'm feeling a bit snazzy. Around christmas time you didn't see my hands without this shade it just felt so festive and pretty. You can use Chelsea Square as a top coat teamed up with a white or a black like Nails Inc Black Taxi. It is made up of Rose gold and slight pink glitter particles. However you can also apply two coats to create a block glitter nail.

Victoria is a shade I like to wear on nights out. A classic deep red looks so nice with any dressed up outfit. This shade is more of my winter come autumn go to as I tend to stick to pastel shades in the spring/summer. That being said when the light hits this colour it shows a real purply seductive red compared to it at  night showing a much deeper almost black colouring.

What do you reckon on these shades? I'm always looking for a new go to polish to jazz up my hands so I would love it if you shared your "go too's" with me.

Lots of love 

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