Weekly Snapshots #2

From Top Left: Lola's easter cupcakes// The best easter present ever, a knitted bunny egg cup warmer from my mum// BarryM spring nail polishes// A monday morning egg and bacon bagel breakfast.

From Top Left: Topshop New york T-shirt when I went for good friday drinks// Spring make-up Ideas// Space.NK beauty buys (naughty me)// My favourite nail polish blog post.

I've had lots of beauty buys this week and really loving spring trends (even if it has been snowing all week). Hope you've all had a lovely easter sunday. I've spent today at the Ideal Home Show buying lots of house bits and bobs.

Lots of Love


WISH LIST #1: Spring Pastels

Spring Pastels Wish List

From Left: Mint & Sky Blue Knitwear: Topshop// Figuier Scented Candle// Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser// Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Blush // Mulberry Willow Mint Clutch.

If money was no object I would go out and buy all of these products tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to be sensible at the moment. What do you reckon to these products? and if you already own them please tell me what there like. Hope your all having a lovely and good Friday (like what I did there).

Lots of Love


My Go To Nail Polishes

From Left: Dior Grege 413// Nails Inc Warwick Avenue 320// Nails Inc Chelsea Square 062// Nails Inc Victoria 072

These Four nail polishes are my absolute favourite.  Some shades are relatively new to me and others I have had for years. These range for a naive nude to a very sexy deep plumb, with a touch of snazziness for when i'm feeling particularly adventurous. Although I love having nail art fun, sometimes it's important to keep a block coloured nail for some classic sophistication. 

If you read my blog, you know that I majority of my nail polish collection is made up of Nails Inc colours apart from an odd Chanel rouge and this Dior nude. I really like the pigmentation and the last of the Nails Inc brand, and I think its important to have a chip free and well looked after nail rather than a chewed off half a nail painted hand. Hands say a lot about a person and I feel with my piano length fingers I try to keep them as pretty as possible. 

On to the Polishes...

1#DIOR GREGE - £18
First things first, yes it is important for the last on a nail and the pigmentation but the brush its applied with ultimately decides how well and even the polish is going to go on. The brush is a nice thickness and the top is easy to hold. This allows the polish to go on quite thick meaning you only need two coats max. It is also easy to cover your whole nail so you don't end up with naked sides. 

Unlike the Dior polish the Nails Inc application brushes are much thinner. With a shade like this you need about 3 coats to create a block colour. The good thing is you can apply just one coat if you want a french manicure style nail or three for a full bubble gum pink polish. I think this colour looks lovely with an all black outfit and silver rings. It makes your hands look so feminine.

This glitter polish is for when I'm feeling a bit snazzy. Around christmas time you didn't see my hands without this shade it just felt so festive and pretty. You can use Chelsea Square as a top coat teamed up with a white or a black like Nails Inc Black Taxi. It is made up of Rose gold and slight pink glitter particles. However you can also apply two coats to create a block glitter nail.

Victoria is a shade I like to wear on nights out. A classic deep red looks so nice with any dressed up outfit. This shade is more of my winter come autumn go to as I tend to stick to pastel shades in the spring/summer. That being said when the light hits this colour it shows a real purply seductive red compared to it at  night showing a much deeper almost black colouring.

What do you reckon on these shades? I'm always looking for a new go to polish to jazz up my hands so I would love it if you shared your "go too's" with me.

Lots of love 



NARS Immaculate Complexion CONCEALER IN LIGHT1 CHANTILLY - £18 (via ASOS)

With contouring like Kim Kardashian being so hot right now, I thought it was time to invest into a good extremely light concealer. With ASOS student discount 48 hours offer I jumped at the opportunity to spoil myself. This is the first NARS product i've purchased and goodness knows why I waited so long.

Like i've said many times before, packaging is such a big influence on what products I go for. It's like a first impression if you meet someone for the first time their outfit screams what their inner personality is, so shorley make-up brands do the same. The sleek matte black packaging with the branding name in white shows to me simplicity is key with this brand they allow the products to do the talking and the packaging simply assists and allows the product to shine.

Onto the Concealer. This product has the perfect consistency of creamy and stiff. Its stiff enough to stay where you want it whilst still allowing you to blend away any harsh lines. Although I'm already a very pale person I would say Chantilly was 3 shades lighter than my true skin tone. This is why I think the product works so well it brightens up my eyes and cheekbones allowing the darker contour to work its sculpting magic. A key thing about this product is how well it sits on top of foundation. 

The foundation I use is Chanel vitalumiere and its quite a greasy product, so I've found products like the Benefit Booing concealer slides around a lot. However the formula of the Nars seems to stay in place especially after applying my Clarins Mineral Powder it sits perfectly where I apply it.  

I've become obsessed with finding products to allow me to create the flawless skin finish whats so in fashion at the moment. What do you think of this trend? Have you tried this NARS product? If so I'd love to hear your opinions.

Lots of love x



Estee Lauder Signature 5-Tone Shimmer Powder Review

Estee Lauder Signature 5-Tone Shimmer Powder in Pink Shimmer£30.00 (via House of Fraser)

This beautifully packaged and presented product by Estee Lauder screams high end glamorous make-up. I've had my eye on this shimmer powder for some weeks now but had to give my self a good enough reason to cough up the £30. Unfortunately like most beautiful products I run out of reasons why I shouldn't buy it and find myself unknowingly handing over my debit card to the kind Estee Lauder ladies. 

The graduation of white through to a deep pink creates the perfect multi-use colour. I swirled my brush around all the colours for blusher and this made a nice shimmery spring/summer pink. I then used a small amount the very dark pink on the apple of my cheeks. Finishing off with the white/baby pink as a highlighter. 

This Shimmer Powder can be very subtle and understated or shimmer and sun kissed. I love having a product that you can build up rather than the colour being to bright with just one brush stroke. I know this is going to look gorgeous on holiday with a bronze skin, and I cant wait to try it with a tan.

After using the product quite a few times now I have fallen more and more in love with it. I find my self grabbing it in my make up without even contemplating other blushers. My mum has always worn estee lauder make up and i've borrowed hers since I can remember, its nice having my own shimmer product that I don't have to give back!

Have you tried the Estee Lauder Signature 5-tone shimmer powder? What shade would you choose?

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Monochrome is really big this S/S13 but the trend doesn't just have to be shown through stripped dresses. This nail art is quick and easy to do. Nail art is something I love doing as you can see in THIS POST HERE. This video will show you how to achieve this look in no time at all. Ive used a mixture of Nails Inc Black Taxi, Floral street and DIORS Grege.

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25% OFF ASOS FOR STUDENTS... What I Brought.


Prices don't include student discount. 
GO GO GO... its 25% off ASOS for students for 48 hours only and the swing dress style is all I want to buy right now. I've had my eye on these dresses for a while but was waiting for a good promo to justify buying them all.

I love this shirt dress and when I saw it I had to buy it. By some miracle there was one small size left and I was the last one to grab it before it sold out! I can imagine this dress with my black flat form sandals on holiday/when our english summer appears.

With this style of dress you cant go wrong. In the cooler days you can through on a light jacket and some thick tights and on the warm sunny days it is sassy enough on its own with a bold statement necklace.

This dress I though would look so nice with a pair of my Topshop Boots and the top of my frilled socks poking out. The cut out shoulders adds a more fun and sexy look without it being to much.

The swan print is a lot of fun, and a good way to follow the S/S13 monochrome trend. This with my new round frame ray-bans and over the knuckle rings is going to look lovely in the summer. 

What have you guys brought with the 25% off, I'd love to know!

Kate xx 

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CLARINS Mineral Loose Powder : Review

CLARINS Mineral Loose Powder In 02 Medium :  £30.00

I've been on a mad women hunt for the perfect powder. I can finally say i've found my holy grail. 
This powder is light weight on the skin and sets make-up, helping it last all day. I've got the kind of skin that make-up wears off just after a few hours but this has improved the last of my foundation dramatically.


MAC Blush In Well Dressed: Review


I purchased this blush via Debenhams when they were doing a 10% off beauty promo. I always try to be savvy when I buy more expensive products whether its getting a few free samples or free delivery etc. I like to have a scan around to make sure I am getting the best deal possible. 

I chose this colour because I thought it defined Spring, its light, fresh and pastel much like most spring colouring in clothing and flowers. The product is well pigmented but is more designed for a paler skin tone. I find I have to apply a fair amount unlike a deeper colour such as Mac Stereo Rose. 


Weekly snapshots 1#

1# My new Ray-Bans in the ever so fashionable round frame. Feel like our lad John.L brought via Asos HERE.
2# Homemade peanut and chocolate chip cookies. Will do a post on this recipe.
3# OOTD wearing MAC Vegas Volt for a craft convention.
4# Practicing my new love for knitting in the car.

5# Weekly favourite lipstick in MAC Creme D'Nude a gorgeous "my lips but better" shade.
6# My skincare Clarins Order! The delivery man reckoned I had ordered a new face.
7# OOTD wearing my pay day buys (VIDEO HERE)
8# My all time favourite nail polish - Nails Inc Warwick Avenue 

Hope you all enjoyed your week, lots of love xx

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These are a few bits and bobs I picked up from various high street stores this payday. I can never resist a good shopping trip after all your hard work comes in one lovely pay cheque.
I absolutely adore the Tanned dress for ASOS and feel like such a fashionist wearing it. It's everything you could want, class, fun and style in a dress.

Like I said in my YouTube Video. This grey U.O pencil skirt can be dressed up or down, in both warm and cold weather. It's also the perfect length to not be walking like a pigeon.

Please watch my Video below, where I go into a bit more detail about the clothes I brought.
There will be serval blog posts styling these items coming soon!




ASOS sleeveless dress / ASOS tshirt dress  ASOS platform shoes 

Like everyone I lust for PAY DAY wishing its presents often upon me sooner than it comes. Every month I tell myself not to spend as much as the last, to save money incase of emergency. However, with payday comes fantastic offers from lots of companies knowing you know have the money to spend. It is just so hard to resist the odd dress or two. My main problem in life, is that I am a marketing dream. Any offer / promotion I have to be a part of it and I fell  flicking through ASOS page after page of payday outfit offers. THE WORST THING IS... NONE OF THESE WERE EVEN IN THE ASOS OFFER. Somehow i managed to venture off into a different link and couldn't resist these items.

Now I do have reason to justify these lovely clothes. I've been amazingly offered a place at LCF to do an fdA in fashion design and marketing and well I must look fantastic if i'm going to a fashion university. 

Please do let me know what you think of these items and lots of love.