My new Youtube Video on February Haul its just a Few beauty bits and bobs I have brought this month. With a Little O.T.T.D post at the end. Enjoy!
As this video goes up, I will be in an interview for University so wish me luck!


KATE.E.B Get Ready With Me #1

I've decided to have a go at video's as it's something i've wanted to do for a while now. This is my get ready with me Post #1.
This outfit was for an out-doorsey day, so I've kept my make-up to minimal with warm clothing.

Watch My video Bellow and If you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up!



A Tee Is All I Need


I find myself always buying new clothes but I've come to notice I rarely buy T-shirts. So I think this payday it's time to spend my money on new items rather than my typical black dress or cosy knit.
This In Love With Fashion T-shirt would go so well with my black pencil skirt (featured in this post). You can easily dress down a long skirt with a relaxed cropped t-shirt and pair of ankle boots.
The ASOS tee  will go so nicely with a pair of leather look leggings and the shear bottom adds a bit of sexy to a nude tunic.
Urban outfitters often has a few Tops within this style. The cut around the shoulders can be really flattering for someone with a small frame and looks really cute-se how they have styled it. I know Topshop does a very similar style for £10.
Lastly this sailor stripe Top would look effortless with a pair of denim shorts on holiday or casual with a pair of jeans or high waisted leggings.


Dress down Friday

 Jumper - ZARA (Paris) 19.99€
Rings - Heart Urban Outfitters and Small hearts Pandora

I got this jumper on my trip to Paris. I originally went into ZARA searching for anything cheap as I forgot to take anything warm to Paris. The snow was falling and the wind added so much chill to the air. I ended up getting two knitwear items for 19.99€ each. I love the small white detail on the jumper seams it's sort of a Monochrome touch to the typical plain black jumper. I always find ZARA have much nicer things in there European stores compared to the british products.
I went to Ikea today to get some home bits for my newly decorated room (going to do a room tour post soon) so didn't see the point in dressing up. I ended up seeing my good bud GLAM this evening for a date night and to congratulate her on getting into University. I love wearing these two ring combo and as it was Valentines day yesterday i'm still in a loving mood.


Valentines Lust

Shirt - ZARA


Belt- CK

Necklace- TOPSHOP

Nails - CHANEL 

As today is Valentines I wanted to look a little more sexy than normal! I've gone for a more classy sleek look, rather than a plunging neck line or a low back. I love dressing nice and I think on days like today if your single or not, it's nice to make a little more effort and you never know what may come of it.
I hope you all have a lovely St.Valentines if your out with your lover or on the town with the girls!

Naughty Purchases...

Beauty Bits I've just ordered

Oh yes, I've ordered all this in the space of two days (slaps wrist). I just couldn't resist MAC's free delivery and Debenhams beauty 10% off offer. However to make myself feel better I've persuaded myself that I need to start making more of an effort with make up and hair for work and socialising etc, so I need to buy some new bits to jazz up my already over flowing make up collection.
The make-up brushes are to add to my small make up tool pot. I've found I have all these wonderful products but nothing good to put them on with and as they say "A workman is only as good as his tools."
Once all these beauties have arrived I will do a haul post and give some honest opinions on all the bits and bobs. 


Lazy Moo

Dress - ASOS

Shoes - KG

Jewellery - ASOS  

I wore this outfit in Paris over the weekend, and felt so glamourous and girly compared to my normal high waisted trousers and loose shirt. 
Today I have done nothing, and only began to get dressed at 3pm. However its my boyfriends birthday meal tonight so I thought i'd get ready a little early and actually take some blog pictures with me in them. All i've done is sit on the internet or stalked my way through everyone on instagram.
Excited for Valentines tomorrow, i'm off work for the week so I will be baking and being every so girly tomorrow all in time for james to come home for work.


What I'm taking away to Paris

What I'm Taking:
Black ASOS dress - £18
Zara striped Top
Zara Red Jeans
Asos gold Necklace
Topshop Necklace
Topshop Leather Jacket
Vivienne Westwood Scarf
Mulberry handbag and cosmetics bag
Kurt Geiger shoes - £29 (sale)

By the time this posts i'll be on the Eurostar on my way to our little adventure. I'm going away for the weekend to Paris for a mixture of Valentines day, My anniversary and my boyfriends birthday. It's a romantic weekend for two packed with sight seeing and café treats. It's just for over night so i've packed light.
If you guys have any plans for Valentines id love to know.


15 Random Facts TAG.

15 facts


1. I am a baby age of 18 but everyone always seems shocked when they find out how young I am... do I need anti-ageing products already? 

2. My name is Katherine (Kate) Emily Balls, Hence the blog name of Kate-E-B. I quite possible have the worst surname know to a woman.

3. My favourite perfume is Miss Dior Cherie but I often wear Marc Jacobs Lola.

4. I'm in love with my Mulberry handbag but spent far to much money on it. This doesn't match to how much Im in love with my lil pup Eddie.

5. I work for ZARA but spend more money on the brand, than what they actually pay me.

6. I enjoy reading fantasy books, I'm naturally a nosey person so enjoy being absorbed into other peoples lives, perhaps thats why I love reading blogs about other peoples lifestyles. I call this being a straw, sucking up information about people. My fellow straw is GLAM.

7. I have a lovely boyfriend that is the opposite to me, we both fit into the stereotypical gender role, I love shopping, baking and tiding and he loves Cars, Oil and MANLY STUFF.

8. Whenever I have money, I spend it. I guess I always look nice but have no money to go anywhere.

9. My hair refuses to grow. Probably something to do with all the bleaching. I've had every hair colour possible, White, Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Blonde, Light brown THE WORKS. (except green).

10. I started a blog, to share things with other people that have the same interests as me...but I don't post often enough. I often start things but don't finish them (one of my new year resolutions to solve this issue).

11. I drive a BMW 1 series named Bernie... The best money i've ever spent.

12 .When my parents made me, they wanted me to resemble an elf... I have pointy ears.

13. This is my lucky number.

14. I have two tattoos and often forget I have them. My next one will hopefully be in a place I can see it more. One is my own writing on my body what is pretty cool (I think so).

15. I don't have a particular style I stick to, I like to mix things together to create a whole new style of mixed matched things. I'm like a pic'n'mix.

I've seen this facts about me things all over the web and love reading them. If you've done a tag please leave me a link as you would of learnt from fact 6 I love seeing other peoples lives.