Molton Brown lotion

Hand lotion - £12
Body lotion - £18

I love a bit of luxury body maintenance, and MOLTON BROWN is defiantly a luxury brand (with the not so high end brand prices.) When I walk into the Molton Brown shop the smell always reminds me of my father. Its a mixture of musky and lime zesty fragrances. 

1.Naran Ji Hand Lotion  has a lovely texture for a hand cream. I've tried a few other brands and they're either to runny or far to sticky. The formula is quite thick but rubs in easily. You only need a pee size dob to cover both hands. The scent is very "hand creamy" if that makes sense rather fresh and sort of resembling  a sun-cream smell. I would defiantly recommend buying this i've almost finished my first tube and will be repurchasing. 

2.Enlivening toko-yuzu Body Lotion, is a lot more runny than the hand cream, but for a body lotion you need more moisturising. The scent is lovely on this cream very fresh and citrusy. It dries almost instantly so you don't have to prance around in the nip for ages for it to dry. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth without any stickiness. The hydration lasts for about half a day-ish so I would say it was more of a morning moisturiser because of its runnier formula. I would personally use a thicker cream for my night skin care routine. 

If you could recommend any night time moisturisers please do!

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