15 Random Facts TAG.

15 facts


1. I am a baby age of 18 but everyone always seems shocked when they find out how young I am... do I need anti-ageing products already? 

2. My name is Katherine (Kate) Emily Balls, Hence the blog name of Kate-E-B. I quite possible have the worst surname know to a woman.

3. My favourite perfume is Miss Dior Cherie but I often wear Marc Jacobs Lola.

4. I'm in love with my Mulberry handbag but spent far to much money on it. This doesn't match to how much Im in love with my lil pup Eddie.

5. I work for ZARA but spend more money on the brand, than what they actually pay me.

6. I enjoy reading fantasy books, I'm naturally a nosey person so enjoy being absorbed into other peoples lives, perhaps thats why I love reading blogs about other peoples lifestyles. I call this being a straw, sucking up information about people. My fellow straw is GLAM.

7. I have a lovely boyfriend that is the opposite to me, we both fit into the stereotypical gender role, I love shopping, baking and tiding and he loves Cars, Oil and MANLY STUFF.

8. Whenever I have money, I spend it. I guess I always look nice but have no money to go anywhere.

9. My hair refuses to grow. Probably something to do with all the bleaching. I've had every hair colour possible, White, Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Blonde, Light brown THE WORKS. (except green).

10. I started a blog, to share things with other people that have the same interests as me...but I don't post often enough. I often start things but don't finish them (one of my new year resolutions to solve this issue).

11. I drive a BMW 1 series named Bernie... The best money i've ever spent.

12 .When my parents made me, they wanted me to resemble an elf... I have pointy ears.

13. This is my lucky number.

14. I have two tattoos and often forget I have them. My next one will hopefully be in a place I can see it more. One is my own writing on my body what is pretty cool (I think so).

15. I don't have a particular style I stick to, I like to mix things together to create a whole new style of mixed matched things. I'm like a pic'n'mix.

I've seen this facts about me things all over the web and love reading them. If you've done a tag please leave me a link as you would of learnt from fact 6 I love seeing other peoples lives.

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