My Birthday 2013

My birthday has come and gone and I am left feeling is the same as before. I find now that any young birthdays have passed My birthday never really feels like my birthday more like a day were everyone is extra nice to me and gives me gifts from a list they asked for as they have no idea what I like. Anyhoo I did have a rather nice sunday relaxing and a day off work.

Must of this stuff everyone would of read loads about so I wont go into to much detail but I thought I'd share a few pictures of things I got and some pictures of my day.



The sales sort of took me by surprise this summer. I guess because the UK weather has been so usually disappointing I didn't put the fact that were half way through June already and yet the sun has made only a few days of appearance.
But luckily I had my bank card to hand when my inbox dinged several times to enlighten me of various 50% OFF marketing emails.  
I always jump to French Connection when the sales hit, as I can rarely afford anything full price (even some of there sale items are still a bit steep) but I always seem to find a lovely little dress from season to season. I am jetting off to Majorca in a few weeks and my wardrobe was craving a least one summery item. I love a bit of crochet and white this summer and this dress will look perfect with a tan.
As I've moved out of my parents house I have noticed serval things that I lack in clothing without my mums wardrobe to be my back up. For the first time in however many years I've had to buy my own black belt. I have been "borrowing" my mums CK black belt for years but its a little harder to sneak it out when we live 45 mins away from each other. This belt was £12 which I didn't think was badly priced at all. With the rough leather look and the big brass buckle it adds a little effort to my skinny jeans.

Funnily enough I was about to purchase this Whistles bag just a few days ago, but I had to rush out so I never completed the checkout. To my surprise yesterday evening when I went to purchase it again It had £10 off. I was hoping that the Mint version was going to pop up but it wasn't to be seen anywhere on their website.
Last things last, this backless cami wasn't in the sale but I thought i'd throw it in (and I did get the old NUS discount on it so it is sort of discounted) I love a bit of back detail. As I don't have much going on at the front I find I add a bit of daringness with exposing my back.

I hope you guys managed to bag a few goodies in the sales.


Beauty & Accessories Haul

Hello bears! Its been a long time since i've been video making. This a beauty and accessories haul of a collection from pay day and treats I purchase for my birthday.
I've got a clothing one coming soon.
All details are in the YouTube description box. Thanks for watching.




The bright colour against the monochrome black and white looks so good with a tan. I'm fake tanned up to the max to make it look like I have time to sunbath in this gorgeous UK weather! I've added a bit of mint the outfit as Its my favourite colour and I just couldn't resist. The cut out the white leather skirt is such a sexy way of showing some skin without it being to much as they say less is more.

Recently the company STYLIGHT got in touch with me, and after knowing their company idea I had to say yes! They are a fashion community that has loads of different bits of clothing from well know brands that directs you to the different company websites. It's a great way of looking at loads of things from different brands without having to change websites all the time. They are all about celebrating your style. However its not just a clothing site you can make mood boards and videos etc on your favourite clothing and your own style and share it with everyone! I've picked a few bits that I love and wish I could afford... (maybe one day when i'm somehow rich and successful). 

Small life update I'm back to usual video-ing and blogging as I NOW HAVE WiFi . These two weeks have made me realise how much I can't live without the internet how sad is that. Have a fab weekend and check out STYLIGHT because it gave me some really good idea's for summer outfits.  I'm typing this incredibly happily as it's my birthday on sunday and I have brought myself lots of goodies that I will share in a Haul video soon. 


Birthday Treats From Me to Me: featuring Estée Lauder, MAC and LauraMercier

It's my birthday on Sunday and I've made up a tradition when I buy a few treats for myself. Why work hard if you can't treat oneself now and again ay?

All Purchased Via House Of Fraser
MAC 12  Lashes £10
Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Pink Voltage £19.50
Estée Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer 30ml £21.50
Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Sugar Scrub £36

MAC 12 Lashes:
As it is my birthday on Sunday I'm going out for a meal on Saturday night after work and wanted to feel dressy and a little different to normal. The 12 lashes are nice and full and wing out at the side what I love for a cat eye style. I do like MAC lashes but I'm sure there are better ones I could buy but I just don't know enough about them, so any recommendations would be great.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Pink Voltage
I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pink. Not to bold yet not to nude and this Lippy has taken me a step closer. I've really fallen back in love with Estée Lauder after buying their 5 tone highlighter/blusher. The formula is a nice cream with a lasting finish but ill review properly after I've used it a good few times.

Estée Lauder illuminating perfecting primer
SHOCK HORROR... I've never purchased a face primer. I know it's shocking but what better way than to start with a primer that has received so many good reviews. I've decided to start with this Estée Lauder primer then if I like it I will test their foundation. I'll keep you updated with how I get on and I'll do a full review.

Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Sugar Scrub
I've had my eye in this body scrub for yonks. It has taken a while for me to accept the very expensive price tag. However a hard working gal deserves a birthday treat and I have been ever so good with saving money for our flat decor. I haven't tried this product yet but judging by the scent it's going to be amazing.


3 Ways to style: River Island Boyfriend Denim Dungaree

Hello I'm alive! I've successfully moved to my flat with my boyfriend but we don't get WiFi till Friday (heartbreak). Yes this is the 3rd time I've done the dungaree look. 1st as a child this and my red wellie's was all I would ever wear and 2nd as an early teen trying to dress 'different'. I told myself this time I must keep them at the back of the wardrobe for the next.

1st Look:

River Island Boyfriend Dungarees - £48
Topshop Cami - £16
Kurt Geiger - £20 (sale)
Urban Outfitters Chain - £20 (old)
French Connection Clutch
This outfit is my lunch by the river style. The heels add length to my legs and make the dungarees more dressy. I love this clutch bag as it's the first thing I ever published on my blog. I'm thinking of wearing this outfits on my birthday.

2nd Look:
Topshop Pink Jumper
Rayban sunglasses
Topshop Boots (last year)
I seem to be drawn to this pink neon jumper, I think it's because my wardrobe is 80% black and navy so it stands out so bold. This is more of a Uni relax outfit but I can't stop wearing it.

3rd Look:

Ralph Lauren stripped top - £50 (£25 with discount)
ASOS flatforms
Mulberry Bag £585 (sale)
This is my favourite outfit of the three. I got this Ralph Lauren (men's) T-shirt the first weekend at my new job as staff got 50% off for one week only. I'm addicted to stripes this year and the little yellow pony looked so sweet. These ASOS flatforms go with everything the weather just needs to be warm enough for my toots not to get cold. I've paired it with my Mulberry bag for a little bit of jazz.