The sales sort of took me by surprise this summer. I guess because the UK weather has been so usually disappointing I didn't put the fact that were half way through June already and yet the sun has made only a few days of appearance.
But luckily I had my bank card to hand when my inbox dinged several times to enlighten me of various 50% OFF marketing emails.  
I always jump to French Connection when the sales hit, as I can rarely afford anything full price (even some of there sale items are still a bit steep) but I always seem to find a lovely little dress from season to season. I am jetting off to Majorca in a few weeks and my wardrobe was craving a least one summery item. I love a bit of crochet and white this summer and this dress will look perfect with a tan.
As I've moved out of my parents house I have noticed serval things that I lack in clothing without my mums wardrobe to be my back up. For the first time in however many years I've had to buy my own black belt. I have been "borrowing" my mums CK black belt for years but its a little harder to sneak it out when we live 45 mins away from each other. This belt was £12 which I didn't think was badly priced at all. With the rough leather look and the big brass buckle it adds a little effort to my skinny jeans.

Funnily enough I was about to purchase this Whistles bag just a few days ago, but I had to rush out so I never completed the checkout. To my surprise yesterday evening when I went to purchase it again It had £10 off. I was hoping that the Mint version was going to pop up but it wasn't to be seen anywhere on their website.
Last things last, this backless cami wasn't in the sale but I thought i'd throw it in (and I did get the old NUS discount on it so it is sort of discounted) I love a bit of back detail. As I don't have much going on at the front I find I add a bit of daringness with exposing my back.

I hope you guys managed to bag a few goodies in the sales.

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