The bright colour against the monochrome black and white looks so good with a tan. I'm fake tanned up to the max to make it look like I have time to sunbath in this gorgeous UK weather! I've added a bit of mint the outfit as Its my favourite colour and I just couldn't resist. The cut out the white leather skirt is such a sexy way of showing some skin without it being to much as they say less is more.

Recently the company STYLIGHT got in touch with me, and after knowing their company idea I had to say yes! They are a fashion community that has loads of different bits of clothing from well know brands that directs you to the different company websites. It's a great way of looking at loads of things from different brands without having to change websites all the time. They are all about celebrating your style. However its not just a clothing site you can make mood boards and videos etc on your favourite clothing and your own style and share it with everyone! I've picked a few bits that I love and wish I could afford... (maybe one day when i'm somehow rich and successful). 

Small life update I'm back to usual video-ing and blogging as I NOW HAVE WiFi . These two weeks have made me realise how much I can't live without the internet how sad is that. Have a fab weekend and check out STYLIGHT because it gave me some really good idea's for summer outfits.  I'm typing this incredibly happily as it's my birthday on sunday and I have brought myself lots of goodies that I will share in a Haul video soon. 

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