LIPSTICK: MAC (Vegas Volt)

I love the cut of this dress but I've had another growth spurt and now it's super short. However it looks lovely as a top and I can't bare to throw it away. The cut around my shoulders is really flattering and I can safely go braless with the dark fabric. My good all-rounder forever21 skirt clashes a bit with the new york skyline pattern but I love a bit of clashing.
I wish I was still on holiday now whilst its pooring with rain outside. Nothing a bit of fake tan and cups of tea cant help and now i'm back you get regular posts again.

Lots of Love

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HOLIDAY O.O.T.D featuring Pied a Terre Waterfall Dress


Sorry about the lack of blogging I've been having a lovely time away staying at our friends house in Alicante (spain). There was no WiFi there so I wasn't able to keep doing posts. It was really nice to be completely relaxed rather than fussing on the internet but I couldn't stay away for to long.   
Day 1: We sunbathed all day and ate homemade burgers on the BBQ. The Spanish are always doing crazy things at night and we managed to catch the Christians and Moors Festival. They dress up and walk the streets with a personal band for each town. These guys in the picture won the competition, they were fantastic. 
The weather is crazy hot over there so I packed things that are sweat weather proof. This dress is perfect as it is a light fabric and not to tight fitted. 



My lovely boyfriends brother & his girlfriend got me a SpaceNK voucher for my birthday and I knew I wanted to explore the NARS products a little better. 
These to orangey products drew in my so I had to buy them.

Nars Blush in Gina:
This blusher is the perfect I cant be bothered for both bronzer and blusher today so i'll just have one product. Its a peachy orange shade and can be used to show off your cheek bones or to be a very bold blusher.
The formula is very powdery so you have to be careful on white carpet but it is very well pigmented. 
As soon as I saw this colour I just had to buy it. I think it would be great for pale skin as sometimes bronzers can be so muddy and this still can give you a slight contoured look. 

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Floralies:
This lipstick is a nice pale orange. The formula is relatively long lasting on its own but I like to put a clear lipgloss over it to keep it lasting longer and to the help the colour pop. Unfortunately its rather creamy so the stick doesn't look as clean anymore. 
The pair go together really well and I cant wait to wear this with a tan on my holiday. 

*I am currently away on holiday so excuse the lack or regular posting any questions I will reply to when I am back home.

Lots of Love xo

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Summer Floral Nails featuring BarryM Mint Green

I Love doing nail art and I love flowers so I've created for me the best combination. This is just a super easy way of creating really pretty nails for the summer. I have received so many compliments on my nails recently so I thought I would share it with you guys. 
If you re-create the nails please share with me on instagram or twitter so I can have a nose!

Lots of Love xo

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As summer is coming to a close and Autumn is coming a big over sized T-shirt dress looks amazing with a pair of thick tights and boots. I have gone off anything tight fitting accept my skinny jeans. I was scanning through the Topshop website and for the first time in ages I was loving everything. I'm going away on thursday so I refuse to buy anything I cant take on holiday with me, but I tell you as soon as i'm back its the beginning of autumn shopping.

1. Denim Oversized Dress
This denim oversized dress will look so well styled with a pair of knitted tights and an oversized leather bag. For a bit of detail I would add my frilly socks poking over my cut-out boots and a gorgeous red lipstick. Chunky Jewellery and big old rings will stop this from swamping me.

2.Leather Look T-shirt Dress
I love a bit of leather and with my new found almost white hair it will compliment it so well. My neon pink clutch and chunky flat-forms the mix of the pink adds a bit of contrast to I don't look to grungy.

3.Crepe Tee Shift Dress
This 3rd dress is my favourite. For some reason I have persuaded myself that with now white hair I can pull off bright colours. I defiantly need to try before I buy this, but I'm so drawn to the orange. This is perfect for the end of summer with some tan sandals or with a big old leather jacket and boots for autumn.

So here is my share of T-shirt dresses that I love. Are there any styles you guys like and what is your favourite from these(it will make my decision easier)? let me know in the comments bellow.
lots of love xo

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MULBERRY - SMALL HETTY HOBO (in snake print, colour ink)

Hello chickens, I ventured up to London today to the Chesterfields Hotel, Mayfair for an afternoon tea. It was my boyfriends mum's 60th last week and we got this for her as a present (I have posted a picture of the afternoon tea on my instagram @kateballs) it was really lovely. The afternoon tea was Willy Wonka themed what was so cute lots of chocolate coated treats.
Breaking news I'm blonde again very very blonde. Me and my hairdresser were really shocked it lifted so quickly I was mainly brown before so it is a shock when I look in the mirror. What do you guys think? I used to have white hair when I was 14 and I must say it has been my favourite colour of them all. Sorry I only wear these boots now so they are in every picture, however they are paying for themselves now!
Have a lovely saturday lots of love xo  

p.s Excuse the car parts on the balcony my boyfriend is a car junky and I wouldn't let them in the house so this is wear all the crap ends up.


Hawaii Dream Holiday Location with Avenue 32

I was invited to do this post with Avenue32 on my dream holiday Location with a chance to win some new sunnies from the Avenue32 website. As you all know I am a huge sunglass hoarder and just couldn't say no.
I desperately want to go to Hawaii so when they asked what my dream holiday I knew my exact location immediately and I have already planned what I want to do there (I'm hoping if me and jim ever get married we go here for our honeymoon).
I have created three outfits all from the website to suit my locations and now want to buy everything but my bank just wont let me (sigh) so here goes...

Waikiki beach

Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii and is know for its white sand. I've gone for quite  geometric come nautical coloured prints. Edging up the outfit with cat eyed sunglasses and leather tasseled gladiators. 

Friday Night Fireworks

If I ever go to Hawaii I am defiantly staying at the Waikiki Beach Hilton, and whats more romantic than a firework display. I've gone for a City Glamour outfit with a structured dress, and excessively Cat-eyed sunglasses. I love this clear clutch bag and the inner bag allows you to have some privacy.

Foster Botanical Gardens

Every holiday with James I go on, I seem to always end up walking around a nature park. We both are so interested in weird plants and animals. I thought the hint of snake print and the ever so Adam and Eve apple bag I would fit in to the heavenly gardens perfectly. I love the leather layered shorts paired with a more feminine gem belt and neon yellow always looks amazing with a tan.

So these are the outfits I put together and I honestly want them all! I hope one day I get to go to Hawaii and experience all the things I have mentally planned. Please let me know what your dream holiday location if money and time was no object?

lots of love xo