Hawaii Dream Holiday Location with Avenue 32

I was invited to do this post with Avenue32 on my dream holiday Location with a chance to win some new sunnies from the Avenue32 website. As you all know I am a huge sunglass hoarder and just couldn't say no.
I desperately want to go to Hawaii so when they asked what my dream holiday I knew my exact location immediately and I have already planned what I want to do there (I'm hoping if me and jim ever get married we go here for our honeymoon).
I have created three outfits all from the website to suit my locations and now want to buy everything but my bank just wont let me (sigh) so here goes...

Waikiki beach

Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii and is know for its white sand. I've gone for quite  geometric come nautical coloured prints. Edging up the outfit with cat eyed sunglasses and leather tasseled gladiators. 

Friday Night Fireworks

If I ever go to Hawaii I am defiantly staying at the Waikiki Beach Hilton, and whats more romantic than a firework display. I've gone for a City Glamour outfit with a structured dress, and excessively Cat-eyed sunglasses. I love this clear clutch bag and the inner bag allows you to have some privacy.

Foster Botanical Gardens

Every holiday with James I go on, I seem to always end up walking around a nature park. We both are so interested in weird plants and animals. I thought the hint of snake print and the ever so Adam and Eve apple bag I would fit in to the heavenly gardens perfectly. I love the leather layered shorts paired with a more feminine gem belt and neon yellow always looks amazing with a tan.

So these are the outfits I put together and I honestly want them all! I hope one day I get to go to Hawaii and experience all the things I have mentally planned. Please let me know what your dream holiday location if money and time was no object?

lots of love xo

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  1. I love the cobalt dress & the clear clutch in the second look. I've also been wishlisting shoes like those in look three since spotting some similar in Company Mag!