As summer is coming to a close and Autumn is coming a big over sized T-shirt dress looks amazing with a pair of thick tights and boots. I have gone off anything tight fitting accept my skinny jeans. I was scanning through the Topshop website and for the first time in ages I was loving everything. I'm going away on thursday so I refuse to buy anything I cant take on holiday with me, but I tell you as soon as i'm back its the beginning of autumn shopping.

1. Denim Oversized Dress
This denim oversized dress will look so well styled with a pair of knitted tights and an oversized leather bag. For a bit of detail I would add my frilly socks poking over my cut-out boots and a gorgeous red lipstick. Chunky Jewellery and big old rings will stop this from swamping me.

2.Leather Look T-shirt Dress
I love a bit of leather and with my new found almost white hair it will compliment it so well. My neon pink clutch and chunky flat-forms the mix of the pink adds a bit of contrast to I don't look to grungy.

3.Crepe Tee Shift Dress
This 3rd dress is my favourite. For some reason I have persuaded myself that with now white hair I can pull off bright colours. I defiantly need to try before I buy this, but I'm so drawn to the orange. This is perfect for the end of summer with some tan sandals or with a big old leather jacket and boots for autumn.

So here is my share of T-shirt dresses that I love. Are there any styles you guys like and what is your favourite from these(it will make my decision easier)? let me know in the comments bellow.
lots of love xo

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  1. Dying to get my hands on the leather dress but in white for me!


    1. I didn't know they did it in white! this has made me very excited x

  2. I might get the leather one or the orange one in the lime/black for my TS brand conference, I can't decide!

  3. The third dress is beautiful :D xx

    1. I think so too, its so hard to decide!!