Lazy Moo

Dress - ASOS

Shoes - KG

Jewellery - ASOS  

I wore this outfit in Paris over the weekend, and felt so glamourous and girly compared to my normal high waisted trousers and loose shirt. 
Today I have done nothing, and only began to get dressed at 3pm. However its my boyfriends birthday meal tonight so I thought i'd get ready a little early and actually take some blog pictures with me in them. All i've done is sit on the internet or stalked my way through everyone on instagram.
Excited for Valentines tomorrow, i'm off work for the week so I will be baking and being every so girly tomorrow all in time for james to come home for work.

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  1. You look lovely darling, I love this dress - desperate to go back to Paris - hope you had a fabulous time! Enjoy Valentines tomorrow and the chap's birthday meal tonight!

    Eda x