LCF O.O.T.D 13 - Spots n Tears

Lipstick - Revlon colour stay // Jeans - Topshop Leighs // Polka Dot Blouse - Rose Gal ** // Boots - Topshop

Shock horror I am smiling in a photograph. The only way to get me to smile in photographs is if its a real one. My fake smile is hideous so I you have to catch me off guard with a funny comment otherwise it is the usual pout.
Moving onwards... I've been staying at my mums a lot recently to make my Uni journey easier. She lives in the middle of nowhere but its quicker to get her train line than it is my own, so to her dismay she has become my photographer.
Onto the Outfit : I was kindly gifted this blouse from RoseGal.com and I think it looks so cute, they sell a lot of vintage clothing and jewellery so go check them out. This is a real smart/casual outfit that I have kept pretty simple due to the polka dots. I am so glad I slit the knees on these jeans it's given a better divide between my Joni's and Leigh's rather than me grabbing whatever I see first.
I don't know if its good news or bad news but my hair is growing at a rapid rate so please excuse my roots. I have finally decided what to do with my hair so I won't have to worry about routes anymore.

Lots of Love Kate xo


  1. Lovely look, these photo's are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Hun my mums becoming a good little photographer haha.