The Weekend Post (Three)

This weekend was one in a million for me I am a terrible student and rarely go out with my gal pals. I ended up going out for my lovely friend Georgia's 20th Birthday. After several Mojito's and Pomegranate Vodka pitchers we ventured out to the Piccadilly Institue on route we most of annoyed everyone single person on public transport but thats what you get with a big group of girls. My shoes hurt me so much poor Georgia's boyfriend had to be my helping hand on route to the McDonalds after party. 
Saturday I was feeling rather sorry for myself so I ventured into Guildford to pick up my work uniform (picture above). My plan was to go out Saturday night but my body couldn't take it so I settled for a Chinese take-away and The Senna Movie. 
I worked all day today and have just finished off the last of the Chinese. Now for pancakes and bed I think.
Its also my brothers birthday today so I've added in his band video to be nice. The music starts at 00:50 he's really good so listen!

Lots of love have a great week, Kate xo 

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