The Weekend Post (Four)

First of all I finished the most sadist, yet loveliest book this weekend 'The Fault in Our Stars' I have never cried so much at a book, worst thing is that I was crying on the train home from London on a rush hour packed train. I won't say anymore but if you like a good read then check it out.
Oh yes, this weekend I have been very naughty. Friday night we went to TGI Fridays to celebrate and early birthday for Jim with our immediate family. We stayed at my mums house afterwards with the plan of going to leeds castle on saturday. Unfortunately due to the horrible weather where having in the U.K we ended up taking a trip to Bluewater (massive shopping centre in kent) I happened to have a little look in Whistles for some jogging bottoms. Next thing next I was trying on this amazing Leather Patti Jacket in a size 6 before I knew it James was saying yes, I was handing the Staff discount and Student Over draft card over and I was walking out of the shop with it. To justify this I have wanted this leather jacket since before I started working for whistles, so I've been  lusting over it for about 5 months.  We ate lunch at Wasabi and brought some Lola's Cupcakes for after dinner. Its been a very indulgent weekend. I am working today as usual but I will be relaxing tonight in my new bunny slips.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, Lots Of Love Kate xo


  1. Hi Kate, lovely blog :) I loved Fault in Our Stars, can't wait to see the film when it comes out. Have you seen the trailer?

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. Thank you Hanh, Yes I'm really looking forward to the film, I suspect there will be a lot of tears in the audience! xx