Monday - Dress up like Indiana Jones' GF

Hat : Topshop
Joni Jeans: Topshop
Top: Whistles Dress Tucked in
Scarf : MissSelfridge
Heels : Zara

These pictures were taken on Saturday, we were just having a casual day and I went over to my mums house and out for a Curry with our mutual friends.
I have been so unsure about this hat and kept uming and arring (not even real words sorry) if I should return it or not. After trying it on hundreds of times I've decided to keep it, I just need to come to the fact that I look like I belong in an Indiana Jones film when I wear it. I love these shoes and brought them for my mums wedding last January. Me being so small forgot I had them because I could never see them on the shelve in my wardrobe. They are a little pinchy but you get used it very quickly.
I hope monday isn't treating you to bad.

Lots of Love Kate xo

p.s hello new followers  xo

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  1. You look great in a hat - I wish I was brave enough to rock one!