LCF O.O.T.D - Terrible Tuesday

(can you see Arthur's arm shoving Jeffry?)

& Other Stories Cable Knit
Topshop Leather Trousers
Nike Blazers
Miss Selfridge Scarf
RayBan Club Masters

Yesterday was a nightmare I was up at 6:10am and the trains were buggered due to a signal problem at Waterloo. I hate being late for things and it gets me all anxious. After sending an email to my lecturer and getting my friends to tell him I was going to be late, running across Oxford Circus like a mad women... Everyone else was running late so I started right on time. Nothing like a bit of late trains to get you flustered.

They day perked up after a bit of light shopping (mentioned in Yesterdays Post ) I cheered right up. I was back earlier than expected so met James for lunch I did end up getting stuck in his car park and he had to come rescue me but its all part of the fun.

I just went for a comfortable and relaxed look yesterday and I am still loving my nike blazers. My make up is pretty minimal as it was a way up to longer in bed or a full face.

Have a nice day, Lots of Love Kate xo

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  1. I love your & Other Stories jumper. It's the perfect green shade - just gorgeous!