O.O.T.D LCF - Zara & Whistles kind of day...

Bag, Blouse and Belt - ZARA
Skirt - Whistles
What Book I am reading today? 'It would be wrong to steal my sister's boyfriend (wouldn't it?)' by Sophie Ranald
What I am listening to today? 1975 and The strokes - 'Is This It' album

So today was my first day back at uni, after what seems a very short break (it has been whole month). Whenever I have to return back to reality I always think, I should of rested more, I should of slept more. However sods law when I am on the breaks all I want to do is fun and active things. I still feel incredibly ill but it was so nice to get dressed for a reason other than work and be back in the rush hour buzz. Thanks to my wonderful fiancé I had my new iPod to keep me sane at 7:09am this morning whilst a business women snored next to me, all the way to Clapham Junction. I am off to nap now and force a chicken and mayo sandwich down, Wish me luck...

Lots of love Kate xo 

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