LCF O.O.T.D with Motel Rocks Dress

Dress - Motel Rocks
Scarf - Vivienne Westwood
Coat - Whistles
Bag - Zara City Bag
Lips - MAC Rebel 

These pictures were taken on Wednesday thanks so my lovely friend Liv.
I need to learn what to do with my face in photographs I always feel so awkward about my mouth I think this stems from when I had terrible teeth and braces. I think its one of those things you have to practice in the mirror until you know one that isn't going to look horrific. 
Uni is going well this term, It is very business and computer based rather than sketching and making garments. I am quite enjoying playing on illustrator and photoshop as I think that digital marketing is the career path I want to go down, but only time will tell. I met up with my lovely friend Lucy from work on wednesday afternoon and had a lovely time as always. You know when you just click with a friend and you can be as weird as you want and know there even weirder... god knows how people put up with us a work. 

I have sort of accidentally fallen into a posting schedule what I am super happy about, I am really enjoying blogging again what feels great to share what I am doing with you guys.

Lots of Love Kate xo 
As I am wearing Motel Rocks I have reminded myself, you can use my code KATEEB and get 20% off at the checkout. 

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