Night on the Town

I have Placed a Tutu Dress, With a Black Blazer and Feather Earrings Together for a night time look.

  • Black Blazer - ( Price Unknown) Make: Burberry - This is a classic black blazer with a black lining and small Burberry logo's on each arm and the classic Burberry cris-cross pattern along the sewing joins.
  • Black Feather Earrings - Topshop £10.
  • Tutu Dress- H&M £29.99 - Amazing dress, the Tutu netting is shear so i recommend a petticoat or black tights underneath. It is a light pink colour that compliments most skin tones. 
  • Black and Gold Belt - Ted Baker £25 - Beautiful belt that adds a bit of 'bling' to and outfit. 
  • Lipstick - Mac; Colour - Fanfare. Price-£17.


  1. You look beautiful! I love the dress worn with black and feathers!
    I hope you will stop by my blog sometime!
    xoxo Jess SparksandFireworks.blogspot.com

  2. Thankyou!! yes of course i will :) xx