DIY Studded Shorts...

DIY Studded shorts! Yes my loverly's it's that easy even I could do it... My denim shorts are from Topshop but you can buy some or cut up some old jeans, whatever you fancy.

For this you will need.....
  • Denim shorts or any thick fabric, the studs will be to heavy for silks and the spikes that hold in the studs will perhaps rip the silk instead of puncturing it.
  • Metal Studs with teeth ( Any colour you wish, i personally chose gold).
  • Flat head screwdriver ( small)
As the picture of the studs show they have teeth at the back of these help them grip onto the fabric and puncture through fabric.

Mark where you want the studs to go with dots, I recommend using a tailors chalk, (this will rub off if you decide you do not want the stud there)
Press the stud in with the teeth side down and push onto it, it will pierce threw the fabric and you should see the teeth on the other side.

Push use a small flat head screwdriver and push down onto the teeth until they are flat, these all will grip onto the fabric keeping the stud in place. 

These three steps are all you need to do! Watch your fingers as the teeth are sharp and could cut you. Good luck!!