This eye pencil is so beautiful, and makes any eye colour stand out. I often use it for my going out/nighttime makeup looks.
The formula is very good and it lasts all night the only down side is that because its quite a creamy texture it can smudge a little if your ears become watery.
The liner can be removed easily with a liquid makeup remover but make up wipes don't seem to make it budge.
The colour reminds me of a real deep but electric blue, however I think depending on what other eyeshadow combinations you wear with it, will either dull down the colour or make it pop.
I'm normally only into a nude colouring but this really makes such an impact, I've started to branch out into colour. I bit of eyeliner or brightly coloured nail polish can really make a difference without look to clown-like.

Whats your favourite eyeliners?

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