Keyvn Aucoin Creamy Glow Blush in shade : TANSOLEIL (via Space.NK) - £19

It's so hard not trying these products before I photograph them. So if you think 'oh she hasn't even used it yet' I can ashore you its destroyed by the time this post goes up.

I know this product is a little on the pricey side for a blusher. However I've found such a love for cream blushers and after picking it up several times in Space NK and repeatedly testing it on the back of my hand I finally bit the bullet and brought it. After watching numerous amounts of gh0stparties videos on applying cream blush, I have learnt such a good way of wearing these kind of products.

Onto the blusher...

The shade TANSOLEIL is a gorgeous orange come peach shade. I've been slightly tanning up my face and neck over the past week to match the slight sunshine in the UK. The peachy tones compliment a tan really well, but I've also tested this with my natural pale tone and it is just as flattering.
I simply apply by using my finger to dab the product onto my cheeks and blend out with a real techniques stippling brush. It's the kind of colour pigmentation that you can build on depending on how bright you like your cheeks to glow. I like to apply it twice to create the colour I like, but its all dependent on your own personal preference.

The Creamy Glow Blush lasts well on your skin. I have found with some other branded Cream blushers that they slide around on your face and give a slight greasy feeling but this almost a mixture between cream and matt once your cheeks.
 I have very lightly powdered on top of the product as i'm always a little fearful of cream products rubbing off onto my clothing, but you can leave it bare and have that summer dewy skin.

I am really glad i've invested into Kevyn Aucoin, until I read several reviews on these creamy blushers i've always been fearful to stray away from my trusty MAC products. However I dare say i've found a new replacement to my 'go too' blushers.

Have any of you tried Kevyn Aucoin's Creamy Glow Blushers? If so what do you think of these blushers and shades to you love?

Lots of Love x

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  1. I've never tried this brand but it looks so lovely on you! I usually use a powder blush but I keep seeing creme blushes looking great on people. Hopefully one day ill feel adventurous and branch out to creme! Xx

    1. I was the same untill I learnt an easy way of applying them why don't you try and cheaper brand first to see if you like the creamy texture before I splash out xx