This bronzer is almost to pretty to use and I feel so sad knowing after a few good swirls with my brush the design will disappear. 
Clarins just seem to know that they are doing when it comes to limited edition products, as soon as I saw this beauty I instantly had an urge to buy it.  The design allows you to create a beautiful bronze with a hint of gold shimmer, perfect for the summer. 

The only warning is that the pigmentation is very strong, and rather orangey based so it is best to start off with a small amount and build up the bronzing to how you like you. The shading is so pretty you could wear this as a bronzing/blush and it gives you an sun kissed glow.

The size of the product I was really impressed with, often when you see these kind of bronzers for this price there super tiny but this is huge, it is bound to last you ages especially with the small amount you need. I think with a product like this you should see it as a long term investment (this is how i justify spending the money to myself).

The saddest thing is that the product is limited edition so soon there will be a craze to buy it and you wont be able to enjoy its beautiful bronzing. My advice would be go to the clarins counter give it a try and if you like it buy it there and then, there nothing worse than make-up regret.  

What do you think of this bronzing compact? Do you think its worth the money?

Lots of love x

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