Daily Engergizer Cream-Gel by CLARINS £21.00

I've found with my 2 year long cleansing and moisturising routine has become boring with no real difference or impact to my skin anymore. So a rather large order from Clarins later I've completely re-jazzed  my skin.
After reading some good reviews online I decided to take the plunge and venture into the moisturising unknown. 

onto the cream...

The fragrance of the cream is very spring like and has a hint of floral to it. It is a nice smell that isn't to over powering, it makes you feel fresh as well as look fresh.
The formula as you can tell from the product name is a something in-between a cream and gel but more of a thick cream than gel like. Its cooling onto the skin and helps create a bright and awake skin finish. Although the cream is quite wet on the skin it does dry rather quickly leaving you with a fresh face rather than anything to tight.
My favourite thing about this cream is how a little bit goes along way, as the pot is rather on the small size there is nothing worse than spending a fair amount on a product and you  having to use a big scoopful everyday and it being all used up in a week.
For someone who has used the same product for years on end I have to say I shan't be going back. This cream is just the refresh my skin needed.
Let me know your thoughts if you've recently changed your skin routine or tried this product?

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