July Wishlist featuring Topshop, ASOS, Marc Jacobs & Vivienne Westwood

July Wishlist

This month for the first time in yonks I've let my bank get dangerously low so I cant buy anything new. All of these items have been sitting in my shopping baskets since early June. I've told myself even if it takes till December each month I'm going to try and buy some of the things within reason.

1- I have loads of these Topshop Socks and they last so well, but I just love new socks If I was a millionaire I would buy a new pair of socks every day for that new sock soft feeling.  These colours are so bright and refreshing and I think it looks so cute when you have a bit of colour coming from your boots.

2- I have always been a crazy accessories fan and I think a big chunky watch looks amazing with any outfit. It kind of adds a masculine feel to a girly dress. The rose gold watch is from Marc Jacobs and the amazing cut out black and gold is from Vivienne Westwood. I'm still not sure which one I prefer so I'll have to look at both in person. (both via ASOS)

3- I really have taken to these head bands It adds a little arab nights to a going out outfit. This one from ASOS is so pretty and I am 100% getting this on payday.

4- The time has come where my beloved boots are wearing out. I hate this time where I troll through thousands of web pages to narrow down my favourite boots, then I have to go in store and try them on. Its a very large expense buying new boots as the ones I like seem to never be cheap. I love the cut out detail on the Topshop ones but can't decided if the colour is versatile enough and the Doc martin chelsea boots are so nice but I'm worried there too chunky. What do you guys think?

5- These white sandals are so cute and will be lovely for summer holidays but they are w-a-a-a-a-y over priced ( I need to find a dupe).

6- Finally I am so in love with the Kimono top from ASOS the colours are gorgeous and It would look so nice with some fitted white trousers/ jeans.

In conclusion Pay Day Please hurry up I want to buy everything when I have no money...

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