O.O.T.D | UK Autumn 1 featuring H&M Cut Out Dress

DRESS: H&M (sale)
SHOES: Dune (via House of Fraser)
LIPSTICK: MAC (dark side)
NAILS: Models Own

I've had such a silly day yesterday, I am currently treating this week as my last nothing week before I'm back at Uni and have hardly any silly days. I stayed in my PJ's till 12 and spent an hour reading, drinking tea and smoking on my balcony. The traffic must of thought what a crazy girl in her cow print dressing gown.
However I did eventually get dressed and this is my new dress from H&M. It was on the sale rail for £10 I couldn't believe it and had to double check at the pay counter. Sorry to feature these shoe's again but it was this kind of outfit why I brought them in the first place. Finally my hair is growing it has taken such a long time so I am ecstatic.
Last night was mine and James' monthly anniversary it sounds silly but all we do is makes sure we have a nice dinner together. We have been so adventurous with cooking since we got our own place so I am really proud we don't just eat frozen burgers and french fries.

I've added a new thing on this post and I absolutely L-O-V-E 1975 and this has to be one of my favourites songs. I discovered them on Sunday Brunch.

Hope you enjoy a bit of music, lots of love xo

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  1. Such a beautiful dress & I love your nails :) xx

  2. Thank you was a real bargain! x

  3. Das kannst du echt tragen, sieht wunderschön aus.