ZARA - Skort £29.99
Pied a Terre - T-shirt

I am finally back... I swear this happens most months but I've started at LCF and I have been non-stop since day one. Today I actually had a half day which meant I could finally get round to some blogging. 
I am loving LCF and after the worries of dropping out last year I finally feel like my life is back on the correct path. 
The only downside is the 6am starts and I don't always have time for a full face of make up or a cup of tea in the morning but I always try to dry semi-nice. 
One of my campuses is very dangerously (for my bank balance) placed right near a Westfields and I must say whilst making friends and having lovely lunches I have popped into a few shops. That is wear this skort has appeared from. The pattern is so different to any thing I own and I just instantly fell in love.The sizing is a little big but as a ZARA past employee I already know how odd Zara's clothing can be (I just chose to ignore that fact).
Anyway I've started a thing for myself wear I will post at least 2 - 3 LCF outfit post a week.

Lots of Love xo

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  1. Lovely outfit! Glad your enjoying Uni too x

    Alissia from Ma Vie en R0se

    1. Thank you Hun all very exciting :-)