November Pay Day Wish List...


This month has felt so long due and My money disappeared quickly on Uni material, Nights out and silly car services and M.O.T's. I have missed spending my money on fun things like clothes and bits and bobs for our little home. These items have been sitting in several of my wish lists for weeks and finally pay day is approaching!
On other news I got myself a new job for Whistles and I felt it was only right to purchase some of their clothing to learn more about the brand I will representing (As I told Jim). The Whistles bits and bob I just ordered about 3 seconds ago and this is what spurred on this post. 
The Whistles Draw string dress I so me, years ago I ordered a French Connection dress similar to this style and I have worn it to death so I felt I needed to update slightly. The Terazzo Print pocket dress was just so different to anything I have and I've been needing to freshen up my wardrobe for months now.
I think the only way I can justify buying these items is to sell a lot of my un worn items, so I will be doing a big old sale on Ebay in a few days so I'll link that on my TWITTER.
I hope no-one has been to effected by the storm I managed to pack away my balcony to avoid any damage.

Lots of Love xo

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