Space.NK. Wish List

Space.NK. Wishlist

I've been eyeing up all these products both in-store and on the internet, unfortunately I'm not allowed to spend money on beauty products as I now have to buy home stuff and be grown up. However my birthday is creeping up on us so I'm going to have to ask for some Space.NK vouchers to satisfy my beauty cravings.
The Keyvn Aucoin blusher is an amazing formula and I already have this blush in Tansoleil (REVIEW HERE) but its so good that I want more and ISADORE is the most amazing summer shade.
I've read so much about this Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble but have never tried any of their products, so I think its right to start with a well raved one.
The Laura Mercier body scrub and cream is VERY expensive but sometimes a girls gotta have a bit of luxury in her life. The scent I am craving is Creme De Pistache Souffle and one day I will purchase these guilt free.
Have you got any of these items or loving any thing from Space.NK?

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