MAC was the first brand that really got me into lipsticks. When I had braces I brought quite a few but was always so conscious of my mouth that I was so scared to wear them in-case they drew more attention to my metal teeth. So after three long and drooling years ( like what I did there) I was more excited to wear lipstick that I was to see my straight teeth.
Over the years I have built up a reasonable amount of lipsticks but MAC is defiantly the biggest contender. I'm rather satisfied with my current collection but its clear in the future i'll be adding more.

Onto the Lipsticks...

Cremesheen is hydrating on the lips and adds a real gloss like finish. The only downside as you can see from the picture is that it melts on hot days and I now have to apply a few of them with a brush and the bullet is so messy.

CREME D'NUDE: This lipstick is the perfect "your lips but better" shade.

FANFARE: The First ever MAC lipstick I brought. On me this lipstick a really nice yellowy toned pink.

SUNNY SEOUL: The newest to my collection its a gorgeous coral pink that is perfect for summer and holidays.

Amplified is my favourite formula it is a really nice balance between matt and creamy. Its not drying on the lips but lasts really well throughout the day.

BLANKETY: Its a really subtle soft pink/nude and looks amazing under a light pink gloss.

DARK SIDE: I love this shade its a real deep plum and I wore it almost every day in the autumn.

VEGAS VOLT: This shade is a completely different colour on me than it is to everyone else. On me its a real orange where as on some its reddish, and other pinkish. So the colour is super hard to describe unless its actually on your lips.

A nice formula that is a little too glossy for my liking and the lipstick doesn't last as long as some other formulas from MAC.

FRECKLE-TONE: The second ever lipstick I brought from MAC. Its a beautiful nude that is perfect for the day.

A very matt formula with hits of glitter in it. Its lovely for the summer for a bit of shine or on a night on the town.

PERVETTE: A subtle pink/violet with a real frosty glitter.

GLEAM: A browny/plum shade with a hint of glitter in it, nice for winter.

After writing this post I realised that although I have a rather unnecessary amount of MAC lipstick all of the shades are completely different and I do get a lot of wear out of them depending on the season etc. I love looking a peoples lipstick collection so if you have done one let me know.


  1. Mac lipsticks are my all time favourite, especially the cremesheen finishs. Vegas volt is one I've wanted to get my hands of for ages!

    1. You should defiantly invest in the Vegas Volt just test it in store first to see what shade it is for you as its different for everyone! xx