I Didn't Really Think I Was a Pink Kinda Gal...

 PINK jumper - Topshop £34
RayBan round sunglasses
Ebay Knuckle Rings
Fossil Watch
Urban Outfitters heart ring

When I ordered this jumper I underestimated the pinkness. The best thing is is that these pictures dull down the neon in real life I look like a neon heart attack but boy do I love it. I never really thought I was a pink kinda gal but after buying the OPI elephanstatic nail polish i've wanted a few more bits of pink in my wardrobe.
This jumper is a really good quality and really fluffy. Its a crop jumper but sits at a really flattering height on my waist. I can't wait to wear this with my heigh waisted denim shorts when summer really kicks in. You can't see in these pics unfortunately but I'm wearing my asos flatforms which keep the jeans a bit more feminine.
I've kept my make-up to the minimum as I didn't want to tread in clown territory. Some people can really pull off the all over bright look but I seem to look a little drag if I go all out.
I absolutely L-O-V-E the neon trend this year where as past years I've really not taken to it how weird. How do you feel about the neon?


  1. I just spent the last hour on your blog and watching some of your youtube videos! I love your what's in my bag one! Haven't been on here in a while... definitely need to remember to come back more often!

    You're too cute, Kate!



    PS. LOVE the colour of your new jumper!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! xx kate xx

  2. Amazing blog and profile! Newest Follower here and on Twitter!
    I invite you to take a look at my pages as well:)
    Best of luck -xo.

    1. thanks very much! I really like your blog also! Kate xx

  3. Those sunglasses really suit you! Not everyone can pull them off. Love your photography!