Boxing Day Bank Robbery #part1

Top - gem collar peplum - £15.00
Shorts - studded high waist - £15.00
Shirt- studded military style - £20.00
Trousers- snake wetlook leggings - £12.00
(prices do not include my student discount)
(brought with staff discount)
Dress- Faux leather sleeves - £25.49
Trousers x2 - With stud detail - £16.99(each)
Top- Checked shirt - £19.54
Shoes- Studded slipper - £8.49


Bag- Small hetty hobo, Silky snake print leather, Ink blue - £510.00


I am a SUCKER  for sales and I have to find something to buy if its cheap, so I knew this year I wasn't going to be any different. I became a girl with a plan and decided I would only either a) Buy a whole outfit or b) buy something that I knew would go with clothes already in my wardrobe. 
This even if I do say so myself was the best plan i've ever had. I feel all the things I have brought are not your typical sale waste (and i've brought some BAD sale items cough*GOLD SEQUIN HOODIE*cough) every clothing item is something i've been looking at for a while as i've walked past shops or on the internet. 

I love Topshop clothing, but over this past year I feel the price of items has crept up and up. Things in this shop are becoming not over priced but perhaps more than there student based target market can afford. However if the sale is rocking then i'll come a knocking! I literally scanned through there sale page after page to find the bits and bobs that I wanted! I am really pleased with my purchases and feel like what I have payed is what the items are really worth. 

Working for ZARA sometimes can be a heartbreak, long hours, contiunally on your feet all day and having to deal with some what rude customers. But the quick trips up to the stock room where I have no choice but to marauder through womens wear, makes the job worth it. I am surrounded by clothing that I adore and what better than to have staff discount to purchase these clothes. All the stuff I brought in the sale is items of clothing i've been pearing at for ages but the agonising wait for payday ended up being in my favour as everything I wanted went into the sale!

I have wanted a Mulberry handbag for years now, and with all my overtime of this december I finally have been able to afford one. It arrived today (reason why this post is a lil over due than I first planned). I don't have much to say accept it's perfect, I love it, and I will use it everyday. I was tempted to buy a plain black, but was swayed by my love of things different and went for the ink blue, if your spending this kind of money on a bag, why should it blend with everyone else?

I have purchased a few more bit and bobs, so will do a smaller part 2 post soon. Lastly my apologies for my lack of consistent blogging, whilst all of you have been enjoying the sales and the shops being a full time sales assistant at ZARA has taken all of my time over the christmas, I've barely had enough time to sleep let alone blog! However now the christmas rush has past I'll be back to my normal hours and be able to blog blog blog away...I hope you all had a lovely christmas and got some good sale buys!

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