A little French looking?

All from ZARA (as usual)

Just a simple comfy outfit for a casual day. These red jeans are my new love, I wasn't to struck on the coloured jean faze last year, but I think for this eye catching shade an exception can be made. I raved about them so much, that my mother brought some as well so I see a mother daughter embarrassing snap day happening at some point! I love the fact you can see my new(ish) tattoo poking out of the top photo. If your a tattoo lover like me then your know how nice it is to see a little tattoo peak! I would love to see some of your tattoo's if you have any?


  1. Love these jeans! I've wanted a pair of red jeans for ages but I'm frightened about how much bigger they'd make my ass look! x

    1. That is the only problem they defiantly add a little peach to your bum! X