The Winter Coat

The Winter Coat

Celebrity Inspiration 
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The final choice...

Zara - £89.99

Yes, it's that time of year again where you search endlessly for the perfect winter coat. Every year I tell myself I want something warm, maybe with a hood and something that is going to keep me dry from the UK's predictable 'wet winter' but what do I end up buying? Something moderately fashionable that's thin and will do nothing on my list.
I told myself that this year I would at least get something that scored 2/3. I searched my usual stores such as ASOS, TOPSHOP, RIVERISLAND & URBAN OUTFITTERS ( I have done a polyvore image collection Top picture of some of the coats I liked) and ordered a few coats from each but ended up sending them all back, to my surprise it was my own place of work ZARA that I ended up finding my chosen one.
Unfortunately I am a creature of habit and have succumb to my yearly ritual of buying something moderately fashionable but it is warm and to be frank simply fabulous! And hey theres always next year for a sensible me!
I have not had a day yet without a compliment.
This got me thinking, where do you buy your winter coats from? And have you been able to find the almost impossible balance of fashionable and practical?

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